Tell Zeos to unban me

Full disclosure:

I am a retard

Ok, so… sux I got banned in Zeos (Z Reviews) Telegram, maybe like 2 yeers ago

The most despicable part about the whole situation was… thaat… It wasn’t off the back of me saying/doing something particularly edgy. This is a kind of margin-banning that in civilized country people would be tickled with a for-KFC-slaughtered chicken feather for 11 days by a g-sizer (titty-wise) sex-bot. But in the Zeos-republic such peopel not only are a mods, but also can let go unscaved

So what I’m saying is - NOT - that I’m blameless for this situation (I, rather, WASN’T blamed, actually ), or that I’m reformed or that it will not happen again. So what I’m saying is is that if get unban I’ll continue being me (hopefully a much improving me), mods will continue being mods (which is unfortunate), and we’ll tryna hf for as long as it is possible (which always was there true premise of my actions)

I was an exemplular hentai poster over @, and I’ll continue to be examplular, hopeful - in ways that mods of the #civil for-normie conf can better appreciate this time

Z, you probably remember me for poking fun at your failure to recreate reichstag by inviting most pathetic losers into your mod-team (generalizing). If no, I’ll happy DM my Telegram username [it is my name here but okay :ok_hand:]