Test for difference in loudness

Hello there,

I was wondering if any of you have a good way of testing if there is a difference in loudness between your right or left ear cup, some good way to maybe do a little test that can be done at home.
The new dt 880 that I bought feel a little ‘louder’ on my right.
It’s like I can hear everything on my left, but stuff feels like its coming from my right more often when I’m pretty sure its not supposed to, or just feels like its not as loud.
I can’t tell for sure but I can tell something odd about it, my friend says she can’t hear a difference.

I’ll be very happy to hear your suggestions.

have you tried wearing them backwards and seeing if the ‘feel’ of loudness switches sides? if so, I’d check that your connections are good…wiggle them and see if the sound is affected in any way.

Is it a specific track that it happens with, or all the time? This is a helpful site to test

So I did some tests on that test website and I can’t really tell if its just me or the headphones.
It’s just a weird feeling of stuff being more right sided.
For example the sound of the menu in csgo or firing of some of the guns.

there is always a possibility that your ear’s hear differently, one is better than the other.

Use a dB meter app on your phone. Play pink/white noise turn the volume up and measure each side.