TH900 - Cable Mod Inquiry/Recommendations

New member looking for help finding a user/company that does quality mods. Specifically looking to have a new cable on my TH900’s.

There are occasional left channel issues on my headphones and I’m quite certain it is a cable issue.

If someone can point me in the right direction, I’d be very appreciative!

Lawton audio is the place to go for me imo

I have their purpleheart cups for my th900mk2

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I was just about to say ask you lol.

I know Periapt makes dual fostex connector cables. @brux hasn’t added them yet, so I don’t know if he could (though from my understanding, the main difference between sennheiser connectors and Fostex is the polarity)

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The th900 (not mk2) has non detachable cables

ahhh, okay

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Tbh, that is probably one of my biggest pet peeves in audio. Non-detachable cables. I know they are on the Koss headphones I love but I just… ugh! :expressionless:

I don’t think its too big of an issue if it’s a nice cable, but yeah it is nice to have detachable cables.

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I like messing with things and having customizability personally though, even if the cable is nice.

I actually messaged them to start an order and they told me the cable tech is currently on an extended hiatus…bad timing haha

So they weren’t taking any cable mod orders.

thank you for the suggestion though.

Well that sucks lol

Moon audio will mod your headphones but it might be a bit pricey

Oof I thought I was already paying through the nose with Lawton haha but I made an inquiry with them. Appreciate the referrals.

damn, just noticed my fostex ebonies cable is attached :slightly_frowning_face: