TH900 died on me, any replacement recommendation?

RIP my red princess, I purchased it at Japan while traveling and the local dealer refuse to offer any services even i am willing to pay.

So i am currently loaning a ZMF Verite Closed. The VC having a much better soundstage and details, but I find the bass and treble lacking compare to TH900. Maybe it is my dac/amp problem?

I am looking for recommendations, currently using RME ADI-2 DAC MK1. Any help are appreciated.

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Did you try Fostex? And let them know the dealer was not cooperative

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I checked their website and they only have a sales only email, should i just try my luck even thought i dont know any Japanese?

Yeah i would, i’m sure they got a english speaking support agent. they also have a US site are you in the US?

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I have tried a third-party repair services, they said it is not a driver problem. However, the repair part are a custom-made Fostex part which they cannot find any matching third party replacement.I think i will send this link to the repair shop and ask again, thanks.

I live in Hong Kong, but i guess i will shoot a email and give it a try, thanks!

Denon AH-D9200?

After some research there is hardly any demo unit at my location, i shall keep an eye out, thanks!

Perhaps look at the zmf auteur? It’s another biodyamic so that might be a closer comparison than the verite vs the 900

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A another Method Ask to Lawton Audio in Usa.Maybe he can help.

When you would to replace the Th900 try the Denon Ah7200.
I have him and in the past the Tr x00 Mahagony, and find the Denon so much better.
It is an upgrade too the Th900 when compare it.

The Ah D9200 cost more for sure and give little more details.
But the Bass is very fine on the Denon.
Try it to hear him.

Are you referring to the th900 or the th900 mk2? The mk2 had more low end than the 9200 from memory

I have to say that the Denon is simply better overall
with the Ah D7200 compared to the mahogany, I have to say that the Denon is the clear winner in the end.So far as you can handle the equalizer, the basses are just more powerful, the middle ones are a bit more colorful, and the upper end just isn’t quite closed pointed.
In addition to the I must also say requires measures that the Denon out of the box no tuning as the Fostex.
In terms of construction, another point goes to Denon.
The only thing is that the Denon is darker than the Fostex, so a little less lively. In a review, the tester said who is willing to test and try with the equalizer should take the Ah D7200. Those who don’t want to go to the Ah D9200.
In summary, who is willing to invest time with the Ah D7200 comes off cheaper in the end, which in itself can mean a plus or minus, but if you can still repair the Th 900 somehow, who is better than a new purchase, which is a little surprising you can’t fix it in Hong Kong, you should be able to get spare parts more easily than in Europe or America.

I would agree compared to the x00, but I think the 900mk2 outperforms or matches the 9200 with a different signature

I think you can go to the W hotel in kowloon go into the mall u will see an audio shop maybe u can demo some headphones there.

Thanks for all the replies. I should check out Denon headphones as suggested.
The local ZMF dealer doesnt have auteur unfortunately, only Aeolus, Eikon, VC and VO.
And the reason i dont consider the TH909 is the construction of the TH900 headband, I see no point in purchasing TH909 since it is still using the same one.

I mean if its a headband issue and you don’t want to upgrade you can just get a different headband and hanger and see if that will work for you. I mean if run into issues with Fostex as well. Kinda ghetto but as an example snag a hifiman headband and you can bend the metal hangers to match etc. so it will work Examples:

Also only posted since it was presumed not to be a driver issue etc.

I am still waiting for Fostex’s reply, if they are willing to repair it i will keep this headband replacement option in mind, thanks for the link!

No problem, you might be able to find them even cheaper on ali express. As long as the hanger is metal/spring steel you should be able to make it work :slight_smile:

U must be kidding me. Denon is way under th 900. 7200 after 2 days trying different music and amps i was refound them. Th 900 on fostex hp 8 or xduoo ta-10 is much better option more details mids are in perfect position, details , much more cleaner mids and bass. 9200 is the same as 7200 with more details. If u want upgrade go to mk2 or th909 or VC.

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