TH909 vs T1 2nd vs T1 3rd... which one could be the best option?

I’m planning to use this mainly for gaming…(I play OW, PUBG, Tarkov, Battlefield, CSGO so I want it to perform well in both tight and wide soundstage) when it comes to music, I listen to Hip-Hop, EDM, R&B, Pop, Rock, and a bit of orchestral. So these three seem to be the best option for me…Can I get some suggestions? Thanks again.

Pretty sure M0N covered all this already… I agree with him which is why I stopped speaking up. he has much more experience than me with the higher end… but I can attest that 909 is fine for competitive gaming… 3rd gen T1 is definitely not at all, whatsoever good for competitive gaming it’s practically a bass cannon and warm as hell and T1 2nd gen is what I use personally as my go-to higher end competitive gaming headphone so I can attest that it works incredibly well. Granted I would definitely recommend making sure you have a good amp and dac for them so they sound really nice… T1 2nd gen can be quite bright though so forewarning to that.

th909 and t1.2 are very different headphones, I don’t game, but I’m not sure how you narrowed it down to such different options (both good however)

I mean to be fair all 3 are very different lol. T1.3 explodes with bass… 909 is just warm and T1.2 is bright.

You’d have to read his other post Regardless of the price, what could be the best headphone for competitive FPS like CSGO, OW, APEX, COD besides the HD800s?

Hmm…is the T1 2nd Gen discontinued? Also, does it have positional audio as great as the DT880?

Unfortionately, the 2nd generation was discontinued for the 3rd gen which makes it harder to obtain… a lot of people are definitely in disagreement with the changes to the T1 with that 3rd gen… I own both of them myself and have contemplated selling off the 3rd gen as it’s just not worth it to me.

T1.2 does just fine with positional imaging it’s sharper than the 880 and has a much larger soundstage to it more so due to it’s curved driver design. It’s naturally in 600 ohms though and is a heavily scaling headphone like the 880s are in their 600 ohm…