That one elusive song

Have you ever tried searching for that one fucking song, but you can’t find anything but covers anywhere? That’s what I’m having trouble with on a certain song from The Witcher (show) soundtrack: Toss a Coin to Your Witcher by Joey Batey … I can’t even find the rest of the soundtrack anywhere, and it’s kinda pissing me off.

Have you ever had that one elusive song that you just can’t find anywhere?

Yep. The soundtrack from until the end of the world.

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I know this didn’t help you with your search and it’s also a cover, but thought you may enjoy:

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Yeah, I’ve found a couple well done covers, but none that feel right.

had that moment a week ago with this song where I had it stuck in my head but couldn’t place a finger on what it was called or who did it for like a couple of days

also am I the only one sorta dissapointed by the show’s soundtrack? aside from a few songs some choices sounded very odd to me like a heavy metal track playing at certain moments and stuff like that. then again I played the games a lot so my viewpoint is very much skewed.

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I’ve read the books and played the games. The show was good, and besides Toss a Coin to Your Witcher, I didn’t care for the soundtrack.

yeah as good as the song is. I never fell in love with the song as even that sounded odd.too modern sonding adn really threw me off. Im just so used to things like this

ad I get dandelion is a bard but like
the game pulled this off its a modern style but kept atmosphere.

toss a coin to your witcher is a good song but I wish it sounded more acoustic and organic and not so produced
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True, but it was the best one in the show, and was still rather well done.

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aggreed I cant be too picky it also gave the show a nice amount of presence with a lot of covers and memes being made of it just for the song alone

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Man, that game was amazing. I’m so sad that Cyberpunk got delayed again.

delays means they are taking the appropriate time to polish it.


Yep, I’ll be happy with it, but April was perfect timing for me (summer)

Lots of polishing going on then. First it was the marvel avengers, FF7 remake, and now cyberpunk.

I need this on PC

Don’t forget animal crossing. I would much rather delays than rush jobs and crunch

Not being able to find “that song” is becoming increasingly rare thanks to the internet. I think that’s a good thing. This thread got me thinking about the shift on how we as consumers search for music since sales of recorded music became a thing. I get the impression my dad’s generation (he’s a Boomer - and in this case I say that only for context and not commentary) was trained to remember the name of the song they heard on the radio. Then they could walk into a record shop and ask the shopkeepers “who does that song called _____?” and find the 45 single. When I was a kid getting into music (during 90s) singles sales were almost nonexistent. You bought albums on CD. Stores organized their catalog by genre and then alphabetically by artist name. For some reason, it always felt like I was looking for a song name and no one knew the artist name, so finding that song was really frustrating. So I would listen carefully to the radio DJ announcements as to who did what song. I’d also get frustrated when I would ask someone just a few years older “who does this song?” when we would hear one playing and they would say “no idea, but the song is called ____”. Ugh. I’d never be able to find it in a store in 1998 or on the net with my family’s old 486 with a 28k modem that only worked half the time. But now, if there are lyrics to the song, you just have to catch a snippet and Google search that phrase with “lyrics” added to the search terms. Better yet, Soundhound or similar if there’s not too much extra noise. Life has improved in some ways…


Things like Shazam and moreso Soundhound also helps. A couple of times I hear a tune stuck in my head with no lyrics and humming it to Soundhound identified the song.

I mean, on my Pixel 4, I have the ambient listening function on (not really sure what it’s called), and when I hear a song I like in a cafe or wherever, I can just look down on my phone and it lists the track artist and title.

Technology has gotten pretty amazing in this area I suppose.

With a big chunk of the music o listen to humming it is nigh impossible

I could not find As Tears Go By by Marianne Faithfull for years