The 2021 Summer Olympics Games

Really looking forward to this, anything to begin writing new history in the post Covid chapter of the globe. So I’m starting this thread to discuss it all from the pre-game ceremony to the closing ceremonies and every event in between you guy want to talk about.

Typically I follow swimming, water polo, fencing, a majority chunk of track and field, judo, table tennis, archery. But this year I’m actually looking forward to see the sports climbing events.

Look forward to many chit chats here, citius, altius, fortius.


I’m not at a knowledgeable enthusiast level, and there are many arguments to be made about these particular games (though, there seems to be something objectionable about EVERY addition).

That said, I look very very forward to these games as a guilty pleasure. It is so exciting to see people PERFORM at the absolute highest level of things. In these games it is the ultimate filtering of talent and honed-skills uniting in rare marriage. All this with novelty and none of the baggage that comes with higher-prominence sport. It is sport in a vacuum, and it is motivating and aesthetically beautiful.

as succinct as it can be put.

My interest in this year’s olympics comes from finding out Sheena Ringo is on the Planning Committee lol. One of my favorite artists

Would love to have the community share athletes to look for from everyone’s respective countries.

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Dayum kid.

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watched the semi-final where the 17 year old won the heat against Lyle, catching and passing him in the straight…seriously impressive

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Definitely one to watch. He hasn’t even filled in from a mature body yet. He’s going to gain just from a physical standpoint… you know these will just be his first.

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