The Acid - Liminal

I recently discovered the album “Liminal” by The Acid thanks to Joshua Valour that had it in one of his playlist, and man, it is one of the most beautiful albums i’ve ever listen to. It is just so immersive and well produced/recorded that it makes you not want to go back to your typical music. It really changed my perception of what music is and I wanted to know your thoughts on it!

Spotify link:

what genre(s) does it cover?

Always suspicious about genre’s…except opera then there’s issues?

I really can’t pick up a specific genre for the album, but if I have to guess, it will be some sort of minimal electronica

opera has issues?

Not on any really world level except my parents played it most nights when I was young and trying to go to sleep and speaking English I didn’t know what all that racket was about lol…grown up a tad in 57 years but opera be like

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well, I don’t like all opera, but there is a lot that is absolutely beautiful! :smiley:

My pleasure

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