The ask what style / genre is this thread!

while almost everything can be lumped into general categories, the styles and genres out there today have become so nuanced it can do more harm than good to do that.

so, to open this thread idea up, what would you call the group Lungs? they have a singing style I really like. an example of a song would be Dog Days Are Over. while that song doesn’t really tickle me like others, it seems to be their number one hit so I’m betting it will be recognized more readily.

Are you sure you are talking about group called Lungs and not Florence and the Machine with song called “Dog Days Are Over” from the album “Lungs”? Check out in Rateyourmusic how they are categorised ( in that case quite broad genres Art/Indie/Chamber Pop, but on this portal you can be labelled with quite niche ones as well)

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you would be right…my bad. :slight_smile: