The best mask for audio

In a world where we live in a Pandemic… a mask was designed… I can’t even type this with a straight face I saw this and laughed, thought I would share


The key to making money is often an idiotic idea. I wish I had some idiotic ideas :frowning:


Specially when a normal mask covers the ears and prevent’s the use of traditional headphones or IEM’s…
Lucky now we have these audio mask’s.

i just got a pair of true wireless iem’s to combat this problem. what a fool! i could have had a mask instead! :slightly_smiling_face:

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My mask even cover my eyes. Maybe I need one of these so the built in cameras can help me see. Thanks covid.

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My inner middle-schooler says “YES” :^)

I hope those are not vents in the front. Would make the mask pointless for COVID if it’s a vented design. Since I use Porta Pros outdoors, I fortunately never had issues with masks.

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Are exploding ears a side effect listed in the fine print???
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Taken directly from the product page…


Not just ears but the entire side of the head. Probably better to just go ahead and get covid.

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