The best portable amp for gaming?

Hi guys! I need advice if possible. Most of my time I’m playing on Xbox with my headphones connected to controller. I’ve got Sennheiser PC38X and Sennheiser 58X Jubilee headphones and now I’m looking after a portable amp to give them a boost.

I’m thinking about Fiio A1 or HELM DB12 AAAMP

most important for me is to reduce cables so I would like to go with amp that I can connect to headphones and straight to controller. I don’t expecting superb sound but something to give a boost to my current headphones. This amp I will use as well with my phone an macbook.

any thoughts?

I bought a Fiio A1 to boost the sound coming from my controllers and it does the job well enough. For £25 or so, I’m pretty pleased with it.

I thought the PC38X didn’t need a boost and ran great off controllers though?

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They don’t need, they sound awesome but I was thinking if I buy an amp they will play better?

I will go probably with FiiO as they £25 and Helm £119