The cheap AF headphones/earphones thread

Comparisons. Edited.


  • KZ AS06 are full-balanced, with a precise “kick” drum.
  • KZ ZS10 Pros bass is a dynamic driver. So the kicks sound muddy compared to the AS06.


  • KZ AS06 are full clarity, in-your-face, good mids.
  • KZ ZS10 Pros sound is V-shaped. Hole at 1khz.


  • KZ AS06 don’t extend that high.
  • KZ ZS10 Pros have too much high treble (10khz+) at high volume

ZS10 Pros extend down (sub-bass… probably too much for some) and up (10… 15+khz treble too probably), AS06 doesn’t.

Still, I could fall asleep with the ZS10 Pros compared to the AS06. Full-balanced = The audio equivalent of coffee, probably. Especially with this 100hz bump – this fast bass/kick slam reminds me of my T50RPs…

The thing itself:
My ears block with the AS06. I don’t know why. I push these in and “ouch” – with the same tips I use for my ZS10 Pros. Edit: That’s it. Sizes are different. I need comply large tips for ZS10 Pros, and comply medium tips for AS06s.
The ZS10 Pros are smaller and easier to put in your ears. They’re like twice as thin. And they’re also… safer. Because it looks like the little grill mesh is just glued on the AS06 plastic, and fell off one of my earphones already (not a problem with Comply tips: there’s grey foam “inside” too). For the ZS10 Pros, it looks like the tube and the grill are all one part, so it definitely will not move.

Final review, I guess. I still really like both.

TL,DR: ZS10 Pros: Too clear high treble plateau (air!) and smooooth bass and sub-bass extension (maybe too much!), but lacking mids. AS06: Full balanced all-around precision. Good mids. Needs foam tips a bit smaller, needs to be pushed all the way in your ears (smooth fit!), otherwise there’s absolutely nothing under 100hz, and there’a a 8khz-ish treble peak. Excellent when you need high volume (bus, outside, etc).

Anywho, I can only offer up what I’ve listened to. I love the sound quality the Blon 03 offers, really hope the next iteration fixes the fit issues. I also love the GuideRay GR-i & the KBear 06. I think for the money these 3 are all exceptional.

New KZ ZS10 Pros vs AS06 review 2 posts above. I just edited the thing, corrected mistakes, etc. Otherwise you’d have read two different and contradictory reviews by me, heh.

So, the AS06 are bigger in every way therefore they need smaller foam tips for the same effect!

I’ll receive a silver cable soon and see if it gives these high-treble extension (sounds like there’s just nothing… around 15khz), but right now they’re just the best for me under 50$CAD for sure.

Also, sorry everyone for the contradictory previous statements. Foam tips size make a huge change apparently. AS06 don’t lack “air”. Good mids. No 8khz treble peak… unless you use too big foam tips!!

I dipped my toes into the very shallow end of the pool on Black Friday and bought the X2HR’s. They were on for $99.00. Landed in Canada, they will run about $180.00. The cheapest headphones I have bought in years. That is less than I paid for used HD58X’s (with shipping).

The X2’s have never been sold in Canada, so I was curious. At that price I can sell them on pretty easily without much of a loss, if I am disappointed.

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they have been sold in canada in fact are on and were on newegg for a long time back when the x2’s were $300

They weren’t when l looked a year or two ago. I even contacted the company in the US looking for a dealer or if not, why not. All I got was “No, we don’t and I don’t know why”.

I do see them on right now, but is/was cheaper.

I never consider newegg for anything.

Wait, what?! I received a 4$ silver KZ cable (basically still “jank” but silver) to replace the standard 1$ cable for my ZS10 Pros, and it literally got rid of the 1khz 5db hole. Oh well!

Dead serious, I close my eyes and I’m like “ok, the singer is like 15ft away from me and the cymbals are 4ft at my left/right”. Plug the silver cable, press play, and the singer is like 5ft away. :no_mouth:

That was unexpected.

What cable was it (just curious)?

Lol I thought it was a no-name one “for KZ earphones” on eBay, and I received an official KZ box. Apparently they also make silver cables.

Also huh, obviously no measurements. I think there’s still a hole in the frequency response but… it’s half gone now for sure.

Fun fact, I preferred KZ AS06 after a few A/B tests, so I was happy to receive the cable for my AS06, but realized I ordered this cable 2 months ago from China, and this only fits my ZS10 Pros. Lol.

Do you have a link for it?

Yes, sorry. :stuck_out_tongue:

KZ hundred core (lol!) Silver cable

That’s a silver plated copper cable, not really something I would call a silver cable (you won’t be getting that for 4 bucks lol). But that doesn’t really matter if it works in the end

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Yeah, I bought it for the color only, lol. Was not expecting any change in sound.

Very strange you hear a change in sound, the cable that came with the ZS10 Pros must be pretty lackluster then

That’s my guess lol. Twice as thin as the silver plated one and it also had a mic.

Lol I just realized… Sorry all. In french we sometimes say “silver cable” (câble argent), just like “blue cable”, not mentioning it’s a color (câble couleur argent). Silver cable in french would also be câble en argent (like, uh, cable made of silver). I don’t think you can say “silver cable” in english without mentioning it’s only silver in color (d’oh!).

Talking about buying a silver cable on the cheap AF headphones/earphones thread, yeah, no. :stuck_out_tongue:

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And I’ll link this here too.

Sharing this here. :slight_smile: Inexpensive AliExpress earphone reviews (and more).

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