The craziest day that happened to you

Yesterday, was a damn trip and just outright bizarre like I don’t even freaking know anymore! People were arguing, some kids talking shit to one another, mom and dad getting mad at something, my little brother got his licensed taken after a traffic violation, When me and my mates are our turn to play pickup basketball, after the free throw done, it freaking rained immediately and as it rain while the sun was up, the rainbow showed up in the sky and some 2 random idiots cussing each other like they are about to freaking fight in the middle of the midnight. These things happened in one single day as if it was like a domino effect like jesus, am I going insane? Do you guys have days like this that is a bit similar to mine or even more crazy?

That’s called a Tuesday in my life :crazy_face::joy: :+1:

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Aside from the family stuff when I used to go to college my commutes were pretty crazy you just get used to that shit when your city has a drug problem

Welcome to the real world.
I see these things very frequently, even though I live in a very nice neighborhood lol.

craziest day? waking up from a 2 week coma after my mountain bike crash…the fog / confusion was immense!


Went to bed Friday night, woke up and thought “Yep, Saturday afternoon.”
Walk down stairs to find out I slept through Saturday and woke up Sunday morning. Was confusing.

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you just reminded me of another crazy day MF! I went to bed as usual and woke up feeling super refreshed…looked at the clock, but only the last 2 digits and saw it was just before the 30 mark that my alarm goes of. I had the habit of waking up just before my alarm goes of…so I got up, went through my morning routine and went out to the bus stop to go to work. no bus came…so I walked up to a main artery where the big articulating busses ran…no bus came. I thought weird…looked at my watch, but only the last two digits and was getting concerned I’d be late for work (I’m the one that opens shop too), so I called a cab and had them pick me up at the bus stop. I get dropped off from work…Starbucks is closed, which is weird, they open just before I start but I thought mebe if the busses are down, nobody came in to open. I opened, booted my PC, started my morning routine for work and glanced at the task bar…it 3:30AM.

I should mention that it was winter, so 2:30AM when I woke is just as dark out as when it’s 6:00AM out.

anyhow, later that day my boss comes up to me and said, did you come in at 3:30? I said yeh…told him how I felt so refreshed and had the habit of waking up just before my alarm went off and for whatever reason only ever looked at the last 2 digits of the time and never realized how early it was until I was sitting at the PC working.