The DEALS thread


Drop selling Lake People G111mk2 for $389:

I have no affiliation with Drop; just connecting you to a great deal.

For more info on G111mk2 you can check out my review and my $600 Headamp Roundup videos.

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Kicking the weekend off early:

KZ x HBB PR2 13.2mm Planar Driver in Ear Monitor new $26.99
I just ordered a pair for travel with the phone and Apple 3.5mm to USB adapter. Planar IEMs for $27…wow. I’ve had them before and like the tuning. The 7hz Timeless original is better, but not that much better for the price ratio.
SMSL DO400 Full Balanced DAC Headphone Amplifier ES9039MSPRO $349 used with 1 year warranty.
I bought four of them last month and have another coming tomorrow. 3 watts into 32 ohm it’s a deal at $349. There’s new firmware available and it’s pretty easy to flash (the new SMSL utility will skip over an invalid firmware so you can’t brick it with a wrong version).

Hart Cables started their Midyear sale today. Coupon code Midyeargear24 for 15 percent off.
Hifiman has a sale if you bought their headphones from an authorized dealer, it’s 20%-30% off their headphone amplifiers.

If you ship stuff under 1lb like cables or ear pads, Stamps & Co has 20 percent off their 100 roll Forever Stamps which I get for $29 and free shipping normally.
HB37-KHMT-F6N2 code for 20% off everything and free shipping.

None of the eBay listings are mine, I’m Dunring there also, so no conflict of interest.

Huaham USB-C to USB=C Fiber Optic Cable $36 OBO

I’m using optical USB cables into a powered hub and the noise floor is complete silence. A huge fan of these if you have noisy ports or a powerful desktop PC.
Optical USB cables don’t do well with adapters, I tried and it causes music playback timeout errors. Use a USB hub with an input port that’s USB-C. I use an inexpensive Yottamaster since it has USB-C for power on the other side, and my sine wave UPS has those plugs on the front.

SMSL SH-8s Headphone Amplifier $109
Kingpin for IEMs with it’s 95 score on the ASR 50mv test, only the Topping L30 II scored higher.


Here is some summer sales from HiFiGo

Some of my faves on this list
At some pretty agressive prices.

PULA PA02 - $129.99

LETSHOUES Gizaudio Galileo - $73.99

DUNU Falcon Ultra - $186.99


I’ve never seen P8 this low! Huge if you are interested in a very technical set!


I have always wanted to hear the Oracles… I feel like they almost never go on the 2nd hand market anymore. Pretty sick opportunity for someone!


I would hop on them right now if I had the funds to drop….
But not at the moment. Really good price as well

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SuperMix up on EBay
Good price if looking. Not aware is seller


Code time from Linsoul.

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Here’s some good deals this week from a few different places.
If the Amazon the “sold by” is Hifi-College, Aoshida-US, or SMSL Factory Store they include a 1 year warranty on used items, the same as new ones.

Hart Audio has MIDYEARGEAR24 coupon code for 15 percent off everything.

Hifiman Ananda Stealth refurbished with 18 mo warranty $299

ADI2 DAC FS DAC/Amplifier $1049

Topping A70Pro Fully Balanced Headphone Amplifier $400

Topping E70 Velvet AK4499EX DAC $350

Topping D90 III Sabre DAC $680

Topping PRE90 Pre-amplifier $380

Gustard R26 Discrete R2R DAC/Streamer $1484

SABAJ A20d 2022 Version $279

S.M.S.L M300SE $90

S.M.S.L D400ES DAC $384

S.M.S.L D1se DAC $503

Gustard A26 DAC Dual AK4499EX $1200

Monolith Liquid Gold Balanced Headphone Amplifier & DAC $416

Some fun accessories on Aliexpress to finish off the look of your system.

The 20x20x14mm feet will raise up your amplifier with plenty of air space underneath for $1.17

Shiny black end caps, the 8mm fits RCA and Coax, and the 6mm fits over a Bluetooth antenna adapter.

3M double sided pads which are nice for fastening things down like a USB hub.

Cable organizers, lot of different styles of these. I also get the rolls of Velcro to custom snip the size needed.

USB rocker switch for things like a Topping D10b that doesn’t have a power switch $1.38

Bought hundreds of these, they never fail or jam.
6.35mm 1/4 to 3.5mm 1/8 Adapter Extender Cable $3 for a 3 pack.

These Bluetooth antennas are identical in range and looks to the low profile Topping and SMSL antennas $6 two pack.

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Ok, here are a few products that I use daily that are on sale, and to which I consider a fantastic value!

SMSL -6S $169.99 (Great dac, with BT, and balanced connections, measures insanely well for the price.)

MuseHifi M$ 98.79 (Great portable bluetooth amp dac, looks great and sounds fantastic)

Aful Snowy White $98.99 (great dongle dac, good price)

Binary Chopin $169.00 (Good price on a solid iem!)

Pula PA02 $129.99 (Great iem, great price, hard to go wrong)

Lots of other deals!


Amazon JP:

Amazon US:


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I am thinking to grab a unit of PA02 here. Everybody likes it, I like its shell design so haha.

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