The DEALS thread

How about a permanent deals thread for everything. Not necessarily headphones, but, since I mostly hear about headphones on this forum, let’s put it here.

Focal Elegias for 499$:
MrSpeakers Ether CX for 650$ (instead of 900$?!):
(Also half price for some 10 000$ Focal home theather, etc.): Monolith M570 for 312$CAD (that’s like 200$USD!)

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I need more money for all the deals threads lol

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The MONEY thread⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


I’m done, I shopped till it hurt, and then spent an extra $K just in case another heart attack got to me before I could enjoy it all. I’m not looking at any more deal threads till I climb outta this hole I dug… Unless y’all wanna trade stuff, I love me some good bartering and trading :muscle:


Damn you I had to pick up the Ether CX at that price.

It’s not my favorite headphone, but it’s one of the most comfortable I own. I think $650 is probably a more appropriate price than $900 was

The build is pretty great, but I also don’t think it’s a good portable can because of the amp requirements as well

Bestbuy Canada deals, already:

100$ off JBL Free “true wireless” earbuds, so half price (100$CAD).

100$ off Sony WH1000XM3 (“good enough” wireless headphones apparently).

100$ off ATH M50x BT:

30$ (50$ off!) Sandisk 128gb MicroSDXC:

90$ (50$ off!) Sandisk 256gb MicroSDXC:

200$ (150$ off!) Sandisk 512gb MicroSDXC:

If you trust Lexar (never tried these):
130$ (70$ off!) Lexar 256gb MicroSDXC:

Sorry for the french canadian link (and prices!), I guess if you’re in the US you just click “english” or “US” and get similar deals? Anyway, enjoy!

US ~$13 for a Steam Controller ($5 + $7.99 shipping)

I actually like that controller specifically the bumper triger and the touch pad really nice for a HTPC . for gaming? kinda sucks . but what i would use for a HTPC

That’s a pretty great deal tbh

AMAZON.CA FIIO A3 79.99-25%=59.99

what do you guys think should I bite? I’ve been wanbting a portable amp for my growing collection of IEMs and the btr1k really isn’t cutting it in terms of power these days

The a3 is pretty good, but I would see if they drop a deal for the a5 as I think its a bit higher preforming. But the a3 is pretty good as well. I think something you may want to look into as well would be the q1 mk2 if they have a deal on it, as then you can use iems balanced if you have the cable which does bring a noticeable improvement imo

I might pass on any amp right now I have bough too much audio shit the past 2 months casue the btr1k is good enough when plugged into my phone just when run on bluetooth it seems slightly too quite.

This means… the Sonys are 263$USD, even with a 75$USD-off sale.
BUT the new FiiO EH3 NC are here for 180$ USD (20$USD off).

I… would bet on FiiO instead, personally.

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I’ve got a buddy looking for the Sony WF-1000XM3, the noise canceling IEM’s. if you see anything on them, please let me know :slight_smile:

IK Multimedia iLoud MTM Compact Studio Monitor with Built-In Acoustic Calibration (IP-ILOUD-MTM-IN)

Was: $349.99
Price: $269.99 & FREE Returns

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ESS 422 headphones for 129$ (yup, those with AMT tweeters):

Are there any chances of a HD660S coming on sale or not really?