The "Final Beatles Song" Got released yesterday

Yes, it’s true. A song that was originally a demo back in the late 70’s was finally played for the first time yesterday. Here is a link to the story:

The Final Beatles Song

Of course, AI got involved in order to clean up certain aspects of the original recording, a feat that could not be accomplished in the late 90’s when they first tried to bring the song out. As a song… frankly, I feel it’s just “meh”. Just another dreary ballad, if you ask me. Then again, I have never been a fan of John Lennon’s singing voice and have never been a fan of the Beatles in general. But quite the achievement to be able to leverage advanced technology to bring this piece to the public.

Has anyone else heard it, and if so, what do you think?


I love The Beatles, yet I agree with you on the song – “meh.” It doesn’t come close to standing up to their best work, but everyone is jizzing all over this because it is the last new song we’ll probably ever hear from The Fab Four.


It was pretty just ok. Just not a fan, didn’t seem to mesh well for me.

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Just gave it a listen, and yeah we could have done without this release. Maybe some songs were just meant to be unreleased. This is just a cash grab like they have done with several other artist’s “unreleased music” in the past.