The Gold Planar Company

So Zeos just reviewed the GL400 from this company. compared it to the KPH30i. Sorry dont want to cause a stir with my heresy. I’m very curious about them and the tiny planar driver and i want to get a pair, but waiting for his GL600 review. Theres also the GL1000 but it doesnt seem to be on sale anywhere but here:

Company is called Taobao and i dont think they ship to the US.

I’m very curious about this company. They seem to be very innovative. This October and September they will be putting out some new headphones. In September the GL850 which looks like a AMT driver:

And in October the GL1200 they say is a aluminum belt driver. Which i think is another kind of AMT driver here:

Who are these guys? Are they Asian or Russian like Zeos seemed to think? How come the GL1000 is not available here? Will their newer headphones be available?


Taobao is pretty massive, kinda like an ebay somewhat or something similar, and are owned by alibaba

From the looks this seems to be a ribbon driver but idk

Clearly seems like a chinese oem or something but idk for sure

Also see some for sale here (haven’t used these sites):

Some measurements for the 850?


wow is that price right? 1500$ for the gl850?

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Seems like it, if they designed their own amt driver and it was quality that price makes sense

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interesting how little info there is on their stuff.

I saw something on Drop about ‘Gold Planar’… “After spending years manufacturing for some of the world’s top headphone brands, Gold Planar has set out on its own…”.


Could be the oem for some manufactures, stuff like the monolith headphones from monoprice or like theaudio planar stuff (not saying they did that but just saying that would be the type of thing going on)

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Ive heard a few things about them. the most likely thing is they are just like any chifi company who just pops out out of nowhere. but one of the few things Ive heard is athey are a canadian company the manufactures out of china. abd abother thing is that they were a japanese budget company

what I personally believe about them is they are probably a manufacturer/factory for planar drivers who just decided to make and tune their own shit.

From what I’ve read, Gold Planar has manufactured drivers for Monoprice and Linsoul.


Made of gold baby! Umm

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Yooo did I just call it lol


yikes, so Im gusessing they may make the sendy drivers , the m1060, or the phantom drivers


Not the most well respected group of headphones lol

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So with Linsoul, I take it that they manufactured the drivers for the Thieaudio Phantom. I wonder if they were involved with the BLON B20 as well?

I do hope they are good though REally hoping to lsee measurements as well if they get adapted by more people. to see if they make the bad planars with all the resonance

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I see a good amount of respect to the phantoms when modded though

made of gold? Fr?
The driver part?

When modded…I think that same thing goes for the M1060 (I hated mine even modded). Sounds like they are the ones making these drivers.

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For the gl850 that looks like a lot of ringing, and I’m not a measurement person lol