The Headphone Does Not Connect With My PC

Greetings to all, I recently purchased a DIY Headphone. But I am having a problem, when I am trying to connect it to my Windows 10 computer, I am getting this error message “No speakers or headphones are plugged in.” But when I am connecting with my phone, it simply connects. Then I have no idea what could be the issue. Is there any way I can be able to fix this? Any kind of response would be highly appreciated. Thank you,

First off, how are you connecting your headphone? Wired or BT?

Its my wired headphone.

Did you test both the rear and front Audio jacks? could that your front one isnt wired…

Yes I checked it, but I did not identify the actual reason for the issue. But after searching online, I came across this guide and they discussed some useful methods that helped to resolve the issue.

The problem was happening in the audio driver. So I disabled the audio driver and reenabled it. After doing the method properly, the issue got resolved. Now I have no longer any problems while connecting the headphone.