The HZH (Headphones Zeos HATES)

A gear Reviews should have many perspective, and I’m sure not everyone always agrees with what Z have to say to their gears.

Id come first and admit that I love my ATH M70X
it’s so flat and detailed, it’s one of the best closed headphone I find to best fit to listen to soundtrack music, whether it’s orchestral, acoustic, or electronic, it renders them all to sound “just right” to my ears.

I always find that I have higher tolerance for high frequency than Z does, neither the 1770, nor M70x upset me in any way, I just find them quite excitable and, extended.
and that doesn’t really detrack me from noticing the nice low end they have.
in the end its all about taste, both in the gear tuning and genre of music one loves most.

What else you guys can say “I think otherwise”?


ZMF Verites and Focal Clears are easy ones for me to say I disagree with his reviews. Sometimes the more expensive option is the better performing one, but he always seems to favor the lower priced models. He could say the Verite’s increased performance does not justify the additional cost, and I’d have no issue with it. But saying the Aeolus sounds better than all the higher priced ZMFs is just not true.


Gosh we now have truth in this hobby :open_mouth: and there was me thinking it was all personal preferences and subjectivity?


Ok, yeah I could have worded that better.

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looking at my current headphones and realizing zeos raves about all of them soooo… :man_shrugging:

I really like my Adam SP-5 headphones. Zeos really hated them but I find them a very well made (despite the low rent materials given the price) pair of headphones with a very revealing sound and although they are bright I don’t find them piercing.

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He did not give a very positive review of the Audeze LCD-XC. I think he reviewed an older pair. I know that Audeze did substantial changes to the damping material and diaphragm in 2016. Would love to see him review a newer pair. With a Schiit Loki in the mix to boost the lower midrange and sub-bass region I think they are way better the the Ether C Flow in terms of technequalties.

hahah thats not bad either, As you can see I also have the AD1000x that he likes, also MDR Z7. I think owning the gear he both likes an hates can make us better unaderstand his taste ND sound preference, thus making watching his “mostly abstract” reviews more useful :blush:

On a different note, I see Josh posted a review about t he Z7M2… mybe he can ask the owner and send it to Z also as there’s a chance that one also come borked to his apartment. :thinking:

Not headphone specific, but his dislike for coiled cables that have a 50cm/1.5ft straight part on the headphone end.

It makes perfect sense to have it like that. The coil rests on the desk most of the time and does not pull down on the cup.

To each their own. I like the HD800S but not a fan of the DT1990 :man_shrugging:t2:. I also think it depends on the source. I think if i listened to the DT1990 on the RNHP or a decent tube and not the THX789 or early versions of the Jotunhiem it wouldnt have been so bad. Our taste can change over time and the sources we use can too. So i think this all plays into our opinions. Just my thoughts. If you like a headphone, then enjoy! If you dont, then move on until you find your flavor (same goes for sources).

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I like the LCD 4 I don’t find that it push the detail into my head. When a headphone is shouty that bothers my ears.