The lazy person's *reversible* DT880/600_Ohm balanced mod

In there warranty they claim that within 15 days if you contact them about a dead on arrival product they will take care of it.

Wait a sec, what if I get something that’s bad out of the box? You mean I have to ship it back?
If you have a problem within 15 days of receiving the product, let us know and we’ll do everything we can to swap it out for you quickly, at no cost to you. However, please note that for trans-shipped products, this will only cover shipping to the trans-shipper.

The problem is they will only pay for the cheapest shipping option which is still 50€ and will take at least a month to ship from Germany than they will ship it back equally slow and I probably also will have to pay for customs again. Also, you have to pay for the shipping and they will reimburse the cost which means you have to go by the much worse individual plans rather than the conditions they could probably get.

I think after this experience I’d just prefer to get a different amp now but in that case they won’t refund the cost of having the (dead) device send to me. So either way I lose just due to the fact that I am located in Europe so I really cannot recommend the experience.

I also had the feeling the power supply was the issue and they did send me a second one so I would be curious to hear what other peoples experience with the Euro power supply is as it seems to be of rather low quality.

Man I just realized I posted this in the wrong post I will repost it in the right place sorry


Thanks for sharing.

One question, how many conductors does the original cable has?
Probably just 3 I suppose.

Just asking as I did a balanced mod on my AKG K701 and as the original cable was a 4 conductor cable one had only to change the original plug to a 4 pin XLR.

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It would be too easy if it had 4 wires :slight_smile:
Unfortunately, the (modern) DT880 has only 3 wires and you have to disentangle the negative signals/the ground(s) in the ear cup.

Indeed I have “modded” several vintage headphones (mainly from the 70s/80s) to balanced by simply exchanging the 6.3mm plug to a 4 pol XLR - very often there are 4 conductors in the cable with 2 independent +/- pairs and the two sides share the ground only in the plug. Among them are the first iterations of the Beyer DT880 600 Ohm, AKG K701, Beyer T1.1, AKG K240-Monitor(600 Ohm), AKG K340, AKG K260, AKG K280 parabolic, etc. They often have the identical type of spiral cable for Beyer and(!) for AKG models - sometimes with dual-entry (like the original DT880), sometimes single entry.

The old models were a bit better designed in this respect but they all also require quite some power to be driven properly but then I really like their sound.

P.S.: Made some pad-rolling on those


Many thanks for your help.

Hey there,

coming from a different thread, I ended up with mod balanced dt880s 600 ohm.
Much to the credit of this here thread and the other dt880 balanced mod thread.

So I figured people here might like to see yet another take the leap:

Pics or it didn’t happen:

I closed the holes with UV resin, though I didn’t wait long enough for it to fully settle, that’s why there are those rings on the top holes. I just put some electrical tape on the outside and poured in from the inside.

Still in the process of testing them, but so far this whole adventure was worth every penny.
Got a ZEN DAC/CAN stack + dt880 600ohm from a Bose quite comfort 35, and I gotta say I much prefer these, even after running the the Bose through the stack too.

This is coming from a non audiophile, total newbie to soldering.
Keep up the good work lads :metal:


And now try the Dekoni Choice Suede pads without the Beyer foam in front of the driver :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you are referring to the vintage (balanced) DT880/600s in the picture - I actually placed Beyer Amiron Wireless foams in front of the drivers. It was a suggestion for other Beyers from somewhere here in the forum (if I recall correctly … ?). I like them this way in combination with the Dekoni Choice Suede pads - not very precise but more enjoyable.
But I keep the pads and foam of my “modern” (and balanced) Beyer DT880/600s untouched; they are just perfect as they are.

I’m referring to Dt880/600 in generell, I missed a little bit to much mids and highs with the Choice Suede and removed the standard foam and now I love my 880s even more. Now to me they have everything, Soundstage, imaging, detail, bass… :grin:

not following you, you’re runnign them without any pads at all? lol
I have a set of dekonis on their way to test them out.

I’m running them with Choice Suede but without the foam infront of the driver :wink:

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Is that not a tad uncomfortable? Because it sounds pretty interesting indeed.

I’m using the Dekoni Choice Suede pads but removed the standart foam. I’m not using them without any pad.

I’ll give it a shot, hadn’t considered this an option lol.

I want to share with you another example of reversible balanced mod I’ve used the following materials

Neutrik NC4MXX-B
Belden 1804a cable (very small 4 poles in 2.95mm)
3mm Heatshrink


Which of the 4 wires leaving the headphone do you connect to the pins in the XLR connector (which wire goes to which pin)