The MiniDisc thread

I’m curious if there’s anyone on this forum that is still into MiniDisc, and/or anyone here that actually knows about MiniDisc. I feel like it’s a format that so many people had no idea it exists, yet I find it to be a cool little piece of audio history.


I also have somewhere this Sony Mini Disk with attachable batterie chamber, if I remind correct.
Loved Mini Disk for the functions and portability
a few weeks ago I bought a Koss Portra Pro for my wife(baecause of good old times) and went on chatting with a friend(we both over 40) about walkmen and these Mini Disc Players.

Have to search mine and the 2 discs I had as teenager.

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The record feature is so useful even today with streaming services all over the place. I feel like it was ahead of it’s time and it’s a shame it so many people don’t really know about it.

It’s an excellent live recorder with an appropriate stereo Mic. Mine is a Sharp portable I bought in Japan in '95. I used it to record myself practicing (I was a musician at the time). The 20-bit 44kHz sounds notably better than compact disc standard, ironically. I’m considering digitizing my vinyl with it, but my TT needs some TLC first.

Thanks for opening the thread! Nice to hear from others with the tech.

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It’s amazing how so many people have no idea this format exists. I show it to random people and they look at me like I have 10 heads.

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