The New iBasso DX300 Max



Yesssss this one has buttons on the side it looks like. I really enjoyed the dx220 max, but the thing that killed it entirely for me was the lack of buttons on the side, feel like I need those and don’t want to mess with a touchscreen to do basic things. So this looks pretty sweet, I have a feeling I might be picking one of these up when they come out to try lol

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As usual… the thing looks like a killer. I’m sure it’d be a decent weapon in a zombie apocalypse. Heck, it is a decent defense weapon if you have an uninvited guest at your home.

On a serious note, I think iBasso made a clear statement with its MAX series, and it is truly great to see them continuing it!!!

I love the fact that they use barrel plug instead of usb c lol.

Edit: wait there’s also a usb c

Outputs and volume on the bottom and inputs on the top with a barrel plug suggests desk use would be a nice experience, interesting.

You charge the audio section and the dap section separately since they have separate batteries and psu, at least on the 220max, so you needed both a dc charger and a usb charger to charge it

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and they’re milking the DX300 range to the max…

DX300MAX Ti Anniversary $3299 to you sir…

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Literal brick

A sexy literal brick mind lol.


Yikes! That is a TON of money for a DAP!!

Yep that’s LP :dollar: territory


It is $3200 — no taxes included in that price. You have to remember, you can only purchase the DX300 MAX Ti from iBasso directly. I’d say that you are looking at a ~$4000 device with all of the extra fees.

It’s insane, the most iBasso ever charged for a DAP.

Currently borrowing a dx300 max (non ti), and it’s really impressive for the money so far. It’s really good for driving some of the more demanding headphones out there. Signature wise it is a departure from the stock 300 and more inline with the 220 max, pretty overall neutral slightly cleaner leaning, very tight with lots of control, excellent impact and slam in the low end, very large stage that’s likely the largest I’ve heard from a dap. Texture is good, resolution is good, not super organic but loads of fun. Dynamically pretty alive, nice timbre. But stage, control, and impact are def the standouts here

Really just excellent with most headphones, makes the dv2 sing pretty easily, step above the 220 max and 300 for sure, on the level of like LPGT I’d say with headphones perhaps a bit better in some aspects, but behind something like a p6 pro (although it does have wider stage and more impact with harder to drive headphones, so if those are your absolute priorities then the 300 max might be better, also different signature, gap isn’t as large with headphones vs iems). Ultimate mode sounds better but seems to drain battery faster, also using slow roll off for now but they don’t seem to make too much impact as something like ultimate mode. Gain wise low gain is all you need for iems, but higher gain is helpful for headphones

Also, it is much more usable than the 220 max since it has actual physical controls, so you can use it from a pocket, which drove me nuts about the 220


Mine (SS) arrived today!

Yes, I know the pic is crappy :grimacing:

You know when you hit the bullseye in darts? Or when you hit a strike in bowling?

A package arriving on a Friday is no different.

I got DX300 MAX in two packages: one only had the DX300 MAX, and the other had the OG box & all the accessories.

The 1st package arrived 7 days ago, on a Friday. The second arrived today, on a Friday.

The shipping Gods have decided to bless me, and I am thankful to them for just that.


It should be very sweet, will be very curious on your thoughts on it :+1:

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I have to say, I’m curious as well.

Just a couple of days ago I had an opportunity to meet up with a fellow Head-Fier in Serbia. He also owns the DX300 (I own both the DX300 & the DX300 MAX), and I had the opportunity to listen to his MMR Thummim… Mind. Blown. That thing is out of this world, never heard an IEM like that.

He had the AMP12 EX (Whitigir mod), while my AMP12 is stock and unmodded.

With all of this being said, it will be interesting to compare AMP11 MK1.1 & AMP12 against the DX300 mAX.

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Love mine, very unique and a blast to listen to. It might not be the most neutral or anything like that, but it’s loads of fun, and it’s presentation, spatial recreation, and bass is like no other so far lol


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Soundstage is what blew me away the most. It sounds like a full-sized headphone (imo, without any exaggeration).

The bass also sounded very tight, fast, and had great depth & quantity. I also found the treble to be very clean & sharp — just the way I like it.

I didn’t have a chance to listen to it for long enough to make accurate observations, but for the couple of minutes that I’ve listened to it, I started questioning every other IEM I listened to…

The price is very steep, but when you consider its sonic performance, isolation, size, comfort, and the fact that it is actually light despite its large size, you can actually put the price in perspective.

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Need your guys’ input.

Burn-in. 150-200 hours suggested by the manufacturer (I’m aiming for 200).

So, I’ve already contacted iBasso regarding the settings (gain, volume pot position, DAC volume) for the burn-in process, but I’m having a debate with myself over how to go about charging.

Should I leave it on the charger or should I let it naturally drain to a certain percentage and charge it up?

Of course, my concern is the battery health.

If I’m playing music + charging, it doesn’t sound particularly nice for the battery. Especially for 200 hours.

I let my DX300 drain to max. 20%, then I charge it to 80%. Should I do the same for the DX300 MAX in the burn-in period? Perhaps I shouldn’t play music while it’s charging?

Too many questions. Help.