The overlooked Kef R100

I stumbled across these speakers by accident and after auditioning fell in love with them. They are basically the R300 that work nearfield and are cheaper than LS50.

It is kinda weird how they never got the recognition of the other Kefs.

R150? Never heard of them. Google also knows nothing of Kef R150. I think you have them confused with the Q100, witch kinda makes my “overlooked” point :slight_smile:

Lol. I would agree that they aren’t like the r300 but I would still say hold up and are pretty nice. I do agree that they were kinda ignored, pretty much because if you were spending that much, you may as well go for the ls50, which is better imo

Damn it, I meant the q150 and thought you meant q100’s.

Haven’t liked a single KEF speaker yet. In room situations, not in near field.
They have been in the “meh” region and lacking the bass that big speaker give.
Really do not get the hype? ls50 had or still might have.
Some older guy was drooling on the floor at a stores demo room while listening to records and i just… did not get any vibes.

I think the ls50 is pretty great for a desk, but it honestly comes down to preference for sound signature. I don’t think I would own a pair, but they have been nice when I’ve listen to them

I would definitely take lsx over a ls50 for a desk. Not just for the dac and dsp (which works wonders when the port is close to a wall), but for its sound signature being warmer and less fatiguing compared to older kef models while still holding its own at its price point. The ls50 and wireless version is complete overkill for near field, unless have them placed behind the desk, which still doesn’t warrant its cost.

I think the ls50 with a good amp is going to be better imo, but that’s just me. Personally I would rather take some great studio monitors for nearfield (@MadGman might agree lol), but some people do like a more “audiophile” sound nearfield setup

Yes, but the lsx is $1000 and doesn’t need any source components. The ls50 can have as good of source components as its want, if they don’t have the same level of dsp that the lsx does then it ain’t going to beat the lsx in standard near field (that is with the table against the wall and less than 2m apart). To get the same design philosophy of the lsx with the ls50 you have to get the wireless model, which is twice as much as the lsx, and will never warrant its cost in near field no matter the circumstance. I sorry, but I really believe people that use ls50’s instead of lsx for a desk without at least demoing them are complete idiots.

I would agree they should demo them and see, but I wouldn’t say that ls50 desk users are idiots

KEF R100 looks really nice! I overlocked it totally

We went from KEF Q350 to Q100 for the frontport on near field(desk) in a 2.1 setup(old jbl downfire sub I had flying around)
it´s my wifes day by day home-office … so the 350s took to much space and stood to close to the back wall… she prefered the 350 model for looks, but the moment I replaced our old speakers… it took a few weeks but she told me to return it and get something smaller with decent design :slight_smile:

now she is ok with the space and looks… I´m fine with the sound… prefer headphones

for the LS 50 Budget I would prefer a active(NEUMANN KH 120 A or Genelec 8320 AMW) monitoring 2.1 setup and get rid of the amp