The Un-Official Dunu SA6 MK2 thread

The Dunu SA6MK2 has been released. Now available on HiFiGo.

Purchase Link

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The unboxing of the SA6 MK2

Really curious about these. Would they be a great fit for rock and jazz music?

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I hope this review will help.

Dave’s review of the SA6 mk2


For unusual reasons I’ll actually be able to try one within the next week….


Great! You need a good source and play with the tips. Once it gets deep and right in the ear and everything is fantastic. The sound is warm-neutral, tireless and surprisingly layered for the price, with very full body and large images.

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Anyone can compare Dunu Sa6mk2 with one of list?
-Planar (S12/Timeless)
-Monarch Mk2

My direction has done a loop and everything comes back to Dunu sa6 mk2. I’ve had a very nice, but overly spent road full of Theiaudio, 64 Audio, Final Audio, Multiple Moondrops, Sennheiser, and many others. From $1000-$2000 products, everything just gets defeated by the law of diminishing returns. My limit with price to performance stops here after spending money on many kilo buck IEM just to learn they all weren’t much better than my $470 Dunu. And in some cases took me weeks to convince myself that they had any real desired advantages period. My wife and I both have our own pair of Sa6 Mk2 and see nothing else left to discuss in its performance, easy-to-drive, bass, mids, treble, fit, sound staging and omg the LOOK Dunu allowed me to pick( not something they allow normally).