The unofficial etymotic ER2SE discussion

unless my search strength is that weak, no dedicated threads / discussions came up for the ER2SE. a lot of posts about them in other threads, but nothing just for them.

in this case, I have some questions…

  1. are there alternative cables available that fit these or am I restricted to what ety offers?
  2. does anyone have any experience in how the sound changes when you swap filters?
  3. I have found the 5 filter kit on, but cannot find the ER tip kit ANYWHERE…so if someone spots it, please let me know.
  4. I’ve got skinny ear canals, any suggestions for tips other than what ety offers?

I have an ER2SE at the moment too actually (personally I prefer the ER2XR a tad more).

The Ety connection is MMCX with a notch to stop rotation. I have a pair of adapters that bridge the gap between any ordinary MMCX and the Ety unit.

Which tips do you have at the moment?

Edit: no experience with the filter kit but I was always curious. Brown seemed like a cool FR.

Also for alt tips - there’s a translucent double-flange on the market that gets the best fit for me (also narrow canals in there). If I find it or something that looks the same I’ll link it.

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Im still waiting on delivery for mine… :wink:

Got mine about a week ago, mostly for tv watching when AC is on. Very clear speech and
music lyrics, so mission accomplished there. VERY natural timbre. Still experimenting with their tips as bass is light with all so far. Would get the ER next time. Comfort is ok for about an hour for me at
this point.
Note: I can recommend their -25 dB noise reduction earplugs, which I use for trips to the music clubs. Takes just a bit of the harshness out of things like cymbals and snare drum and edgy electric guitars, yet I can still hear and enjoy the music.

isn’t that crazy? knock the sound down by 25db and you can STILL hear the music!!!

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Yeah…what did we do before amps and pa’s, eh? LOL
PS We have a great music club here. They do larger groups on weekends, but also have
“listening sessions” featuring solos and smaller groups. They specifically announce that conversation is to be kept to a minimum (or folks are to move to the back of the hall or on
the street!) It’s wonderful and the musicians Love it. The town is well known for it’s appreciative audiences.

Remember they’re deep insertion. I wouldn’t bother with any filter you’re just trying to cram them in as deep as you can go without pressure build up or discomfort. This is to push the 13khz resonance peak out of the audible hearing range or close to it.

Shallow inserting the ER2SE for any critical listening won’t show off how good these are in any capacity.


it wouldn’t make sense to offer the filter options if they didn’t influence the sound, even if they are deeply inserted and tightly sealed. honestly, being how well sealed they can be, I’d think the filters effects would be more pronounced.

PS- did you ever get some NHC?

can you share what adapters you’re using?

I got them second hand, but I can look for photos

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so no idea of the brand that made them?

Sorry no.


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well nutz. I will use my Google-fu!

This looks like them - but the price is OUCH!

I didn’t realize valuable of a bundle-in they were.

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thats a big rip off…


Much better, thank you.


Yeeessss!! Thanks! @Tfaduh


holy smokes, I thought i knew what neutral was…nope, the ER2SE are NEUTRAL, like holy moly! I played some of my fav bass tracks (decaf - white clouds and decaf - coming in for the kill) and there was next to nothing. started playing cello and there it was. :smiley:

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Most people confuse neutral with balanced or neutral with a bass boost. To me neutral (bright) is what ER2SE is: Flat.


@Marzipan Hee hee. Got mine about 3 wks ago…same conclusion. Pure!
Still like my KSC 75 (w. headband and Yaxis) but these give the isolation I was
looking for. I’m now curious about how much extra low end the ER version would have.
My tv only has coax audio out so I hooked up a little alternative rig to use when the
AC is on. A little Fiio K3 dac and an Atom I wasn’t using. Works great. PS the K3 also has a headphone out which works fine, but no volume control with just that. Fun.

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