The Zeos circle jerk and counter jerk thread

For those who wish to praise or criticize Z


He spent a lot on his new home, But from what I have seen of it in his videos. It quite ugly, and in need of a total dungeon er sound review renovation.

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Not necessarily. He’s in the sticks. I’m already in the 'burbs about an hour outside of Philadelphia and he’s another hour or so dead north of me.

Sure the center of the house is big but there doesn’t seem to be much more than a few rooms flanking it on either side. There’s no second story to speak of save for that mezzanine above the great room/kitchen. I wouldn’t be surprised if his place is around the same square footage as my parents’ home in coastal NC. They had it built for about $270k but they don’t have the garage or plot size he does. I can’t imagine that taking his place over much over $500k though, if that…


I’m unclear on the “counter” part of the metaphor.


This is all getting kind of creepy now.


You rang? :handshake::clown_face::handshake: lets party boyz.

Ironic how proper the forum is juxtaposed to our dear leader.

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What will be the next “best thing ever” ?

  • Headphone
  • Speaker
  • DAC
  • Amp
  • Other (specify below)

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I think headphone is a safe bet :joy:


Averages back that up, no doubt. But, I think were overdue for another RB42…


Would be nice if it was available elsewhere other than just the US if that’s the case :sweat_smile:

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And zeos went meh :male_detective:


He seems pretty happy with the Soloist 3X.

Just wait until z gets into vinyl…


Somehow I don’t see that happening, but never say never.

By the way, that rig up there… Meh. LOL!! I kid. That’s some fine stuff, bud. Enjoy. Tubes are pretty cool, man. Enjoying mine very much.

Always IEM

Til little dot makes larger amps. Looks real nice