Theory crafting a HT system with the A95K

Hey team. Long time lurker, first time poster.

After finally getting a (very small but lovely) place for my own, I now have an opportunity to do all the things I’ve ever wanted. Like sit on my ass and watch and listen to some excellent content whenever I like. The future is bright. Unfortunately I can not think of how to get the most out of my space and system without some kind of compromise.

I have accepted the fact that a proper surround system is unfeasible in my tiny living quarters. A shame, but I will survive. I have come to the conclusion that the best thing for me is a 3.1 system. But how.

I have an A95K which can be used as a centre channel. Ideally, I’d find a way to have two powered monitors on stands next to it and a sub. But it doesn’t seem like that’s very easy at all. Either I’m a complete and literal moron (not unlikely), or the TV only seems to have two options. The first being the TV is the sole speaker or the second being the TV is connected as a centre channel via an a/v system.

Which means not only can I not use powered monitors, but I have to have a giant a/v receiver only to plug in 2x unpowered monitors and the TV centre channel into it.

Is there an elegant solution I am missing here?

Pls help.

Kindest regards.

Just to clear things more.
The A95K is a Sony Bravia TV, correct?
-Can you can assign it, working only as center channel alone?
-Is there a audio setup that allows TV being played as center channel audio?

I have my suspicions that the 3.1 system you described does not work as a HT setup would.
As far as i know.
You can use TV as “speaker” but it should not play only center channel audio. You would have TV playing as Left & Right audio as it normally would and the 2xpowered monitors would also play Left & Right audio + sub.

I can use 2x powered monitors from TV’s optical output with a DAC/PREAMP (since my powered monitors does not have optical input) and TVs speaker so that both play audio at the same time.
The thing is it sounds weird and wrong since they sound so different.
TV speakers are sh#t and reference monitors sound perfect. The mixed audio i hear… its not listenable and it is not 3.x audio.
In HT world they still play only Left and Right channel audio.

The monitors you have probably sound better than the TV.
So the best outcome would be. To use powered monitors + add a sub to the chain and have a 2.1 setup. If you just listen to news in the background then you can use TV speakers.

Adding a AVR does not change anything above.
Having 3x monitors + sub, Left Center Right and then adding a AVR would allow and sound correct as 3.1 audio. If source material has multichannel audio.