Theorycraft my next step

So. I currently have and use:

  • Audio Interface/DAC: Scarlett Solo (I have an XLR mic for streaming)
  • Mic: Blue eNcore 200 (Powered Dynamic)
  • Amp: Liquid Spark
  • Beyerdynamic DT 880 (600 ohm)
  • SHP 9500
  • HyperX Cloud I (Reskinned Tascam Pro 80)
  • Speakers: Micca PB42x (running from my MOBO)

I use my headphones, 90% DT 880, for gaming and music.

I use my speakers for video meetings, some music, streaming movies/tv in my home office.

I am very happy with the sound currently but wonder if I’m missing anything given all of the above components are my only experience with the goodness of audio quality?

I’ve thought about getting an Asgard 3, maybe a better mic, maybe a Go XLR. What’s the opinion of the hivemind with a $300 budget considering the above current equipment?

I wouldnt really upgrade the scarlett yet a better mic could be an upgrade. but overall what do you think for yourself is the most lacking thing in you setup what are you not quite satisfied with?