There is any difference from microphone and speaker cables for powered speakers?

In the case of an XLR microphone cable that is using something like the Canare L-4E6S, is it ok to be used on powered speakers that have XLR connections, or do I need to build the cable using speaker wire like for example Canare 4S11?

The main difference in the specs looks like to be the AWG but as we’re talking about powered speakers, the cable will transmit just the audio signal, so it should have no problem. Right?

If it’s strictly a low level signal cable you should be good to go. Watch your lengths don’t go crazy long…Those Worlds best cables seem pretty well made. Low capacitance, low resistance , only as much shielding as needed and good quality copper conductors is all you really need.

Yes, this ok to be used.
" * PROFESSIONAL’S CHOICE: Canare’s L-4E6S is the preferred cable of choice for most musicians and professional audio engineers. Known for its pure clarity of sound and unrivaled noise reduction capabilities, Canare’s premier Star-Quad cables are designed for high noise environments. Manufactured with a proprietary PVC outer jacket, they provide reliable performance and durability even at extremely low temperatures."

  • High density braided copper shield.
  • Flexible in extreme cold weather.
  • Cross linked PE insulation.
  • Reduced handling noise.
  • Rejects EMI and RFI.
  • 10 Matte color jacket selections.