They mentioned Simple Minds on the Oscars!

Watching the Oscars today and OMG they mentioned Simple Minds! They called out and even played “Dont you forget about me” on the show! :star_struck: maybe this will get more people into their music :smiley:

I never look this bullshit :grin:.For what?
The most of new Film have a bad end or a bad open end with nothing continues.
And i find so film‘s never becomes Oscar for a shit ending.
I find the good old film from the 90 ty so better when inlook today.

yeah me too i dont really like a lot of the movies out today. but simple minds are my favorite band. both when i was a kid and now. they put out really good albums. and they never stopped. they’ve been active all these years since the late 70’s and their music is still excellent. but their so underrated

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The same is with the actually music too.
All are just samplet with the Pc,no one can play a Instrument or can sing from the heart.
And i miss it, because in the older music are love with it,is warm,brilliant,a Stage with a Voice.
And today all are plastic.You too can sing or create a song on the Pc today.

In 10 years you can win a Oscar because you are stupid enough.Only why it gives no good Actors for a Movie.:smiley:

who would have thought parasite would sweep the awards though huh? a korian film! lol

Did you watch the movie that won 4 Oscars parasite? Super unique movie and not many like it. Highly reccomend it.

It’s a really good movie exploring class differences in Korea under a fun but disturbing microscope.

Your looking at the wrong modern music my guy

It definitely placed Korean film on the map and the good news is there are certainly better ones out there.

Sad oldboy didn’t get any awards. But this year some great films got awards . Better than most years most notably Jo Jo rabbit, a marriage story ,the Irish man, once a upon a time in Hollywood,joker, even little women was a good movie.

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One of my top 10, easily

Easily my favorite fight scene of any film

The fight scene from They Live between Roddy Piper and Keith David is definitely the funniest fight scene of any movie ever, lol.

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Fuck the funniest fight scene to me is in Kung Fu hustle


Never seen it, now I will have to look it up.

You’re in for a treat, if you’re into satirical kung fu movies

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Best sword fight with blind lead character who doesn’t want to fight.

The Princess Bride sword fight scene count for that category?

If one of them was blind. Good scene tho

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