Thieaudio est cable mark ii

I’m new to balance realm as well as to audio world. And yet after a year with my fiio fh7’s I’ve learned much what it can do with it’s standard cable to the point I felt it can’t do better and decided to see if I’m wrong… So I picked up this new cable from thieaudio just for the looks of it and happy to report I was a little wrong… I mean the sound did opened up in sense of dynamic, resolution, soundstage etc. But not as much as I was expecting. So far I see no bad from the upgrades but I do wish to note that the 2.5 to 4.4 adapter came with the cable is damaged so it’s not usable and so I cannot connect the iems to my ifi amp and instead connect it straight to my fiio m11 dap. Hope QC will be improved but it’s really a minor issue for me personally.

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welcome to HFG!

I would reach out about the damaged adapter as I wiulf think they’d replace it for you. :slight_smile:

Oh I’m sure of that but I decided to buy ddhifi adapter instead dj44ar hope to see if it’s any good