THIEAUDIO Oracle MKII vs Dunu Sa6 MKII vs Moondrop Variations vs Mangird Xenns Top vs Softears Studio 4 (Help me decide)

Planning to buy one of the five. Mainly going to use it for classical music but I am having a tough time deciding. Thank you!
I currently use the BTR5 as my DAC.

I wouldn’t recommend the Variations or Oracle MK2 since they’re both on the thinner side (Oracle MK2 sounds too sharp to me). Getting the chance to hear my friend’s SA6 MK2 next week, but that’s most likely gonna have a recessed midrange; TOP is a less thin Variations but with more treble, so the studio 4 is looking like the most natural and balanced. I also recommend the EJ07M as a solid all-rounder.


About to split some hairs here, so take it with a grain of salt.

Top is the better fit for that, but SA6 mk2 is a better all rounder. Both have neutral mids and treble. The main differences revolve around Top having recessed lower mids (will make it sound somewhat dry in exchange of clarity) while the SA6 Mk2 will have more in that area but less upper-mids. The lower mid-range difference is related to bass, where Top is boomier while the SA6 is cleaner and faster, but also warmer. The treble feels more polished in the SA6 Mk2 (especially the extension).

Pratical example would be that for pianos (let’s say a Bach piece for the shake of the argument, I can’t post links rn because I’m feeding a baby, rip), I prefer the replay on the SA6 Mk2. The replay of the lower notes in the scale feel more bodied but also cleaner.

If we look at Rachel Podger’s version in the Violins, I’d probably pick Top by an hair, since it has more clarity and bass is a non-variable.

In sum: Technical performance is better on the SA6 MK2 by a hair. It is also a better all rounder for other genres outside of classical. Top is cleaner but that comes with the cost of thiness and a boomier bass - that is great for other genres, but this is not the case.

Oh and I did only mention those two iems for a reason. As far as classical goes, I’d still consider a single DD or a Earbud - in case of isolation not being a problem.


Thank you for your detailed response!

Unfortunately, I still have 2 questions:

  1. would you consider a DD/Earbud over the SA6 MK2? If so, Please recommend me one!
  2. Does cheaper equipment compare? Such as the Moondrop Blessing 3, etc.
    Thanks again!

Thank you very much!
I will be sure to consider your response before making a decision!
I would love to hear your experiences with the Sa6 Mk2’s!

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No problem, you caught me in a good time.

  1. Every. Day. Of. The. Week.
    TGXEAR Serratus. He has a new one (Totem) that I will have soon, so cant comment on that. Also the guy is a violinist, so he can advise you better than me. TGXEars Serratus: A love letter to music – nymz reviews

  2. Blessing 2: Dusk is close, but has terrible timbre and coherency, lacking extension. Id go one of the other two. As for B3, my sample got lost so a new one is on air right now, but might take two weeks due to chinese holidays.


Thank you, I really appreciate it! You have saved me so much time and money!


Sorry for the extra reply. I found a pair of HD 600 for $200 and HD 650 for $240. How do they compare to the Serratus in terms of sound? Would a Qudelix 5k be enough to drive them? Thank you and sorry for using up your time again.

Serratus sounds better. If you end up with one of the two, id go hd600 over 650.

You will be fine.

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Thanks again Haha!

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