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This is the official thread for the Thieaudio Oracle

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Type: In Ear
  • Amp needed: Yes
  • Driver Type: 2EST 2BA 1DD

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Z Reviews…


I had that set that Zeos had for 3 Month (yardsale) and i finally sold it because i found that they lack just a little bit excitement to my ears (i like mild V).
The Oracle did nothing bad, well voiced!
Everyone i gave it to take a listen loved that set, so maybe its just me!
I love the shell design, fit my ears very good, i have medium/big ears.
with spinfit cp 100 tips they seem to disappear.
Cable was great!
At the moment iam trying the Moondrop Variations (4d) and i am pretty shure they have that what i was looking for :+1:!

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Dang… in another timeline I would have trade your Oracle with my Variations…

Missed chance foregone :joy:


The Oracle/excalibur are on Drop, 2 days left.

Gorgeous set :sparkles:


In my top 5 sets for tuning.


These are looking like they may become my daily drivers - I came to the official thread hoping for exchanged notes on eartips, oh well!
I was finding treble incredibly detailed but occasionally sibilant - For example the “sh” from vocals in Faun - Rosmarin XV, also the higher of the alternating toms in Mick Gordon - BFG Division.

I was going to try with Final E tips but those were at home. By some fluke (I have absolutely no idea when I picked these up) I have some Spiral Dot tips that fit me – I tried them with and they sound great and seem to have fixed the issue. But I want to keep listening to make sure I haven’t taken out too much treble detail. The airy rasp of the crazy flute thing at 5:54 onward in Raging Lung by The Knife for example.

I’m very impressed by timbre for plucked/bowed strings. I’m guessing the result of a fast attack vs the Aladdins?


Is this really out of stock?

I am currently using the SpinFit CP500 with my set, but I ordered some Moondrop Spring Tips and Azla SednaEarfit to try on them as well. Wanted to try a few because suction can sometimes mess with proper fit.

Regarding Timbre, I find that to be one of the things the Oracle excels at. It’s simply beautiful.

Also, the stock cable the set comes with is not just one of the best stock cables, but IEM cables in general out there. Soft, tangle free; neither too light nor heavy, no microphonics and sturdy build. Really set the bar high on that end as well.

Love this set. Favourite of all time yet together with my Variations and Bravery :fire:

This is my first iem in this price bracket. Everything about it outperforms everything else I have. I am very impressed by the tuning. The upper treble and sub bass are present without distracting from the rest of the sonic spectrum. The fit and finish is comfortable and luxurious. It exceeds my expectations.


Does anyone know what happened to this IEM? It is impossible to find it to buy.On Linsoul’s website it says it’s sold out.

I think the DD has died in my Oracle’s left monitor. It works at times but the bass keeps cutting off. Need to try it with a different cable, but I’m pretty sure it’s the DD.
Such a bummer, they sounded perfect and were by far the most expensive IEMs I ever bought :frowning: