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  • Type: Over Ear
  • Amp needed: Yes
  • Open Back
  • 97mm Planar Magnetic Drivers

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Interested to see how these are received. They seem to knock it out of the park with most of their IEMs and they’ve gained considerable experience since their last headphone release.

The product page says

Microfiber Flannel Ear Pads

and goes on to confusingly say

With replaceable microfiber flannel ear pads specially designed for isolation [sic]

however every image suggests that these come with extremely perforated PU leather pads. For over US$500 it would be nice to have both “Microfiber Flannel” / Alcantera / microsuede … and pleather pads.

Linsoul do have a reputation for favouring puffery and nonsense over accuracy or relevant details, though their bat customers will be delighted to read that

The trebles are effectively audible beyond 40kHz and are crystal clear.

and despite having no details of the cable and its connections whatsoever [since who cares about that], they do mention that

Additionally, the audio cable is interconnectable and replaceable for a further customizable sound and prolonged longevity

and the photos show that those big connectors on the cups and and ends of the cables will press the cable down into the shoulders rather than angle it slightly forward to comfortably go over the shoulders. I suspect that almost all headphone designers have long necks and weak Trapezius muscles.

at most it’s sticking out an inch… I guess I can’t speak for others but I would have to try to make those get anywhere near my shoulders

I think some of that could just be the angle of the photo, but looking at some other pics of it, it still has a more downward orientation. That’s one thing that sort of bothered me with the Abyss 1266tc and to a degree with the Diana V2 - is that the cables and connectors (stock anyway) would rub against the top of my shoulders / clavicle. Not painful, just more annoying than anything else.

Results will of course vary based on anthropometry, however even for the long-necked who don’t press weights, as @Delta9K observed,

the design pushes the cables downward, likely resulting in them rubbing against the shoulders and creating unnecessary microphonics (to a degree which also depends strongly on the cable). I have exactly this problem with my Phantom which has connectors almost flush with the cups.
Simply angling the connectors as on e.g. the Audeze LCD-X or connecting them slightly up the front of the cup would gently push the cable forward over the shoulders. Of course this won’t make the cable float weightlessly in the air, but would enable head movement without constantly rubbing the cable and maybe bumping the connectors into the neck and shoulders.

The connectors on the wraith look like they are actually set back on the cup, exacerbating the problem, and may be angled very slightly forward.

Some specs are now up on the site. As is the case with a lot of newer releases they will be pretty easy to drive.

Impedance 23 Ohm
Sensitivity 101dB

Looks like they have some pretty insane low end roll-off. Curiosity killed.