Think i'm suffering from

a type of cable fetish, from now on each new set of cans will have their own dedicated cable :nerd_face: 地nyone else suffer from this?


I think the only prescription is-- More Cables!

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hmmm匈 thought it would have been cowbell.

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Well needed headphone stand then? lol

I did end up getting one of these from a Z link.

Power cables are a bit of a errr安e live on a barge in the uk and have no permanent moorings so we continually cruise (yeah we both work lol) so power is via a Isuzu 80 bhp marine engine with dual alternators, with a 6x12v bank of leisure batteries, a 3k Vetus inviter and 300v solar panels存o our life is a little less ordinary lol


Ive known people who live on boats, but they kept them docked and so always have a permanent location. Your always moving situation is extremely un-ordinary.

Do you have to find new directions to work every morning?? :grin::laughing:

We move every two weeks and yes its not unheard of for one of us to return to our previous mooring by mistake lol.