Thinking About Becoming a Patron

But from what I see on the Patreon it’s all stuff that’s already on Youtube (that hasn’t been unlocked yet on Patreon) or IM’s or headphones (things that I don’t really care about) yet may find interesting. Are there really 194 exclusive posts? How many of those are speaker reviews and dacs that haven’t hit Youtube?

Upsell me!

To answer my own question here are just a few things I’ve noticed:

  • Amazon basics amp unboxing comes out 2 weeks after the review has already been on Youtube.
  • Why is this design Dead? Klipsch KG3.5 has been on Youtube for a while but still locked on Patreon.
  • Today you released the sound demo for EOZ ARC when the review hasn’t been released yet. Shouldn’t the review and the sound demo be released on the same day?
  • You need a push to talk mic for when you’re doing speaker sound demo’s, I see flailing but hear nothing and I know better than to turn up the volume.

I think I’ll wait until this full time employee gets hired. Or all the IM and headphone reviews are done.

By the way your twitch streams are interesting if you’re into rousing international arguments about furniture, grown men (?) playing with dolls and watching cartoons, or fridge light repair. The home theater (theatre) stuff was awesome though, but eating an entire brick of meat in one sitting just seems…unhealthy. I’m sure you even read these criticisms from randoms (jerkoffs) on the internet.

Any ways looking forward to what March and April brings (hopefully more speaker and dac reviews).

P.S. Tell Chuque to quit talking over you.