Thinksound is back

I own a pair of Thinksound Rain3 earbuds. They are made of wood and sound really good IMO, better than my Tin T2. More and well controlled bass, smooth and clear sound overall.They are underrated for sure but there are a lot of good reviews out there:

A couple years ago the company folded but it looks like they are back as their website is stating:
I wonder what product they will make in the future. I have signed up to their newsletter and I will post updates here as I get them. I hope they stay with the wood!

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After some back to back listening with the Tin T2, their sound signature is warm with string bass.
Depending on the music Igo for one or the other.

Update: I just received an email from Thinksound. They are releasing a “new” IEM, the in20 that can pre ordered now for $99.

Here is the email:

"The in20 is here.

Over the last few months we’ve been working hard to bring thinksound back to the people we love. We’re stoked to announce that our latest headphone is now ready for pre-order.

The in20 is thinksound’s next generation in-ear, combining the best of everything in a small package with big sound. It’s our most versatile headphone yet and is engineered to produce the same award-winning sound we’re renowned for.

We’d really appreciate your support, so we’re offering the in20 at 33% off the retail price. Anyone who participates in the pre-order will get the same deal, so don’t be shy about sharing this email.

All our thanks,

The thinksound Team."

After looking at the specs these look exactly like the old Rain3, which unpaid $89.

Most interesting there is a true wireless IEM planned for the future.