Thinner suede pads? Beyerdynamic

Hey guys, anyone know a good thinner suede pad that will work on beyers? ZMF universe doesn’t fit them right, dekoni regular beyer pads are a too thick for what im looking for. Angled or regular will work fine. Just looking to see if theres a good thinner suede type pad. Was thinking maybe the dekoni fostex? I think those may be on the thinner side with angles

couldn’t hurt to ask dekoni to make you a custom pair. doesn’t seem like it would be too ridiculous of a request to just have a thinner version of one they already make.

The Shure 940 pads come to mind. They’re very thin, almost feel like on-ears, but they isolate well and don’t change the FR very much on the 770s. Probably warm it up a little and narrow the soundstage.

Suede, not velour.

kinda doubt they will go with that, though I am reaching out to inquire this same question.

Then Dekoni Shure Choice Suede pads might be worth looking at. My experience is that they’re hard to stretch around the Beyer chassis, and they darken the sound significantly, but still a viable option.

lol, so dekoni got back to me after I stated pretty plainly Suede pads… and pointed me to their velour…

Reading emails before you reply is hard. I bet they asked the magic 8 ball for the right reply.


oh magic 8 ball, what is your answer… uhh velour

better answer: tell him buy another headphone? well least thats an option.

still want thinner suede pads lol

You could ask vesper Audio for a custom pad…should be around 70€/$- but you probably have thought about it already :smiley:

hell if i am going down that road it better be curved and thin at that point so it works with the T1. Id just rather not spend that kinda money on pads, again lol, but will if I got to.

Ok understand. Its a bit ridiculous what pads cost if i see what i payed for the headphone itself…but it is what it is, i guess…