This ebayer is Using Zeos's Pic to Sell Speaker Wires...WTF

Has anyone else seen this? There is a ebayer using a pic from Z Reviews DIY wire video to sell speaker wires. Looks to be a scam. I think Z needs to check this out, ebay link below.

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Lol, that’s a good one. It’s absolutely a scam. Dude has like nothing so its essentially a new account. Like how he even put “Not finished product” lol


is this the dude that just posted the AmazonBasics cable with banana plugs review?

What lol I don’t think so. What makes you think that? If you are going to call him out that hard you might as well @him


Edit: but you might be right that he includes a picture of amazon basic wire, but it is wire so it would be very hard to tell

just seems too coincidental…and wasn’t calling them out, just asking about a possible dot to dot connection. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hmmm yes, who knows…


I may have to start spamming this guy with ebay messages. Im sure theres a few creative people on this forum that can deal with this fella.

LOL, No it’s not me, is never stoop so low, Amazon just has really good wire and banana plugs for the cost.

BTW if I was going to make and sell snake oil cables, I’d use milspec Motorsports grade wiring and sleeving. Might as well make your speaker cables water and fire proof for that cost.

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that would cut into the profit margins. :wink:

Well I’ll give him/her an A for creativity lol.

Well it could be legit as well?
Maybe this person is making cables the same way as Z did or just re-selling china made braided cables. :smiley:
Could have used own DIY picture as well or just copy paste like the 3 other ones.

Business as usually. Someone will buy cause great marketing terms "Premium, Braided, Black Audiophile Quality"
Someone buy a set and see how good they are made. :smiley: Cheap af anyways.

Probably still have a 90% profit margin if I sold them for audiophile prices, even the best wire and shrink wrap you can get isn’t that expensive.