Thoguhts on Koss KDE250

Just wanted to start a discussion on the Koss KDE250. I picked some up from MassDrop a few months ago, and I can’t really wrap my head around what I think of them.

They have great treble and detail if you have them in right. They seem to have great bass if you have them in right. Adjusting them can really shift emphasis back and forth from treble to bass (or so it seems to me).

I’m tempted to look into sending my set to Zeos just to see what his thoughts are. I’m guessing there would be a lot of “what the f*ck” and “Oh God they hurt my ears why do tyou hurt my ears”.

If anyone has them and loves them, can you give some details of how you have them fit and how you adjusted them? I really think they are right on the edge of amazing if I could just figure out how to get them in my ear properly and comfortably.

Here’s a link to the Massdrop listing for them, since that seems to be the only thing current:

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I just saw these on drop and am curious as to why they don’t get mentioned unlike other koss products on drop.

They’re real weird.

They’re interesting, but I think you can do much better (and more comfortable) for $60.

I still don’t quite understand what I’m looking at, lol. Can you post a picture of them on your head?

Not my head, but:

those look painful! :skull:

…sometimes. When you figure out how to get them in right they’re OK. For some people.

They don’t actually go all the way into your ear like you’d think, though, so they’re really not bad once you get them adjusted. I’ve actually been listening to mine today and tey sound much better when hooked to an amp (Fiio A3, in this case)