Thoughs on the Edifier R1280T?

Hi everyone
I’m looking for a pair of decent bookshelf speakers to use with my PC.
I know Z recommended the Micca RB42, but unfortunately, I can’t get them where I live and I can across the Edifier R1280T, which seem to have great reviews - anyone try them out?
I’m using the Topping MX3 as my DAC/Amp

P.S happy to hear if you have other recommendations for a 100$ bookshelf speaker

R1280T are Powered, if you have a Topping MX3 you need passive…
Like Micca MB42X, Polk T15, Polk TSi100, Edifier P12, Edifier P17, Wharfdale Diamond 9.1/10.1, Klipsch R-14m, Klipsch r-15m,

I’m running a Topping MX3 with Micca MB42X…

Don’t know where you are located - on Amazon/UK look at Wharfdale and Cambridge