Thought on subwoofer/speaker combos

What are some thoughts on certain speaker and subwoofer combinations? For instance rb42’s and a BIC F12 sub or or Adam t5v and an Edifier t5 powered 8inch. Would the bic overpower the miccas regardless of level it’s set at? Would there not be enough low end to match the t5vs? I’m looking at living room situation that will expand as times goes on and am looking to get some ideas.

Why not Adam T10S with T5V’?
It’s kinda The option for them.


your right but I mean hypothetically my plan is to get some rb42s and a subwoofer for the living room and figured I’d find out and learn some theory crafting at the same time

Personally. I would like some better way to fine tune the Bic F12 with RB42’s.
Probably will overpower and if level’s would be low the integration would be poor still. Overall sound and feeling being meh.
That’s just me.

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yea i was feeling like it may not work the way id like it to but i figured somebetter insight from others is better than just guessing.

is there a sub that you can think of that would fit nicely? or just a certain driver size for the sub?

I’m a bit skeptical that any particular subwoofer would “overpower” a pair of speakers as long as you have level-matched them and are crossing over at a point high enough for the speakers to reach.

Subwoofer challenges are all about the room dimensions and placement. Some subs will offer more features to deal with those challenges.


Here’s a nice basic guide from Adam Audio for setting up a subwoofer. The same process can be applied to any sub. The only thing I would suggest differently is using a proper SPL meter rather than an app on your phone.

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ok sweet ill give it watch and plan accordingly ive been doing research this whole time and learning just so much more. i appreciate yall!

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Like it was mentioned earlier that T10S sub and adam T*V monitors are good set, as they are. T-shirt and a pair of jeans. Match and Match. Way easier to set and adjust them so overall sound is good.

But to my mind the bic i totally different thing with rb42’s and getting them near good result would need more. Not nearly enough settings and tuning options with given info.
Since the room is in living room and that means sub locations’s, are usually very limited. Witch means getting them play nice and well… needs more. Like mentioned.
Little speakers and lot down end work for subs with “shit” sub is only lot of boooooom with few tones only.

Unless putting it in corner with volume all the way up is u’r cake. Then i dont care anymore.
Also know one guy that in his mind, that is the perfect way to go. SIngle note Boooom all day.

There is too much missing info to make a proper suggestion for you. Are you going to be using a modern receiver? What is the room size? What are your expectations of volume and sound quality?