Thoughts on OG Bifrost Multibit

I just picked up an original Schiit Bifrost Multibit for $175 and was wondering if anyone knew the differences between the original and Bifrost 2, besides the new balanced output. Additionally, I’m curious if it’s worth getting the Unison USB module.

Can you work around the USB unit? If not, Unison worthwhile. Good price!

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Totally agree with @lrjshabaz , if you’re gonna use coaxial/optical for your input then don’t worry about the USB module, but if you are planning on using USB, then the Unison upgrade is a worthy purchase. Schiit’s prior gen USB ranged from pretty terrible to meh while Unison is very good and noticeably abd audibly better than their prior gen USB implementations. I don’t remember which gen the OG Bimby had on it, but I do know that when I owned it I didn’t use the USB connection because it sounded compressed and fuzzy. I remember it having noticeably less dynamic range and sounding blunted compared to the other inputs.