Thoughts on the Arya Organic?

What are your thoughts on the new Arya Organic? Some people say its the best version of the Arya having a nice bass response and keeping the detail without brightness of previous versions. That instead of having to listen to every little nuance of a song they can just zone out and enjoy what they are listening to more. People seem to think they still have good sound stage, positioning, and separation, however I’ve heard mixed things about how those compared to the previous versions. How would you compare them to the previous Arya’s or the slightly higher priced HE1K variants? What reasons do you think someone might want to choose the organic over one of hifimans similarly priced headphones?

It certainly looks the best. I think I’d go for HE 1000 V2 for that price.

Why would you go for that instead?

Different build quality more dark tuning and less bright. The Graph looks better and I love the build quality of it. I’ve got to listen to an Arya and a HE 1000 and liked the HE 1000 more. Both are great options, depends on what you want in your collection. Hifiman kinda craps out headphones each year and if you wait until next year it will probably be a lot cheaper. This is a 2000 headphone for 1200 from hifiman direct and has no tax.

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I picked them over the HE1000 Stealth from a pure sound preference perspective fwiw. Here’s my write up: Hifiman Arya Organic vs. HE1000 Stealth - Detailed Comparisons - A Kilobuck Hifiman Shootout! - AudioNotions

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This is a great comparison it really helpful in knowing why you might choose one over the other. The questions I have is this. I have meze empyreans hooked up to asgard 3/modius stack. The empyreans make everything sound great/detailed even on the low end dac/amp I am using. I’ve heard the HE1000 V1 and was blown away by how wide the sound stage was, how good the separation and positioning was, as well as how it could sound intimate and expansive at the same time. My desire for a new headphone is to get something that will wow me in those categories. It sounds like from your review that the HE1K stealth would be better for me since it has the better imaging and separation than the organic. However I think I would prefer a more musical (while still detailed) headphone that wows me than having to listen critically for everything. Would you say that the Organic would still wow me in the sound stage, imaging, and separation category? Or is the HE1K Stealth such a big step up that I might not get that wow factor without out? Also how easy or amp/dac picky would you say these are to drive? I understand that I don’t have the greatest amp and dac right and both do benefit from something better. But do you think that the lower impedance and more musicality of the organic would make it still sound okay on more budget hardware like mine? I won’t likely be able to upgrade amps and dacs for another 9 months if I buy one of these headphones now. But I don’t want to miss out on the sale either.

I’m running on a budget dac/amp too and both sounded great - the Arya Organic still has pretty impressive stage and imaging for a headphone - just the HEK Stealth is a step up from that.

Hope this helps!

What amps and dacs have you listened to them on? “Budget” could vary quite a lot in this hobby haha. Just to make sure I am understanding your reviews of these would you say the following is accurate:

Both are excellent headphones who are closely matched in performance and someone would probably be happy with either of these. The stealth sounding more clinical with a bigger sound stage and imaging than organic but also something you might find yourself focusing in on the details more then the music as a whole.

While the organic is more pleasing and easy to listen to without sacrificing the detail and resolution. It still has expansive sound stage, imaging, and separation on its own so it doesn’t feel like it’s lacking anything. But it’s not unless you compare it directly to the stealth that you will tell how much better the stealth is. But the organic also doesn’t sound too V shaped and boring either.

I’m running on Topping DX3+ Pro - can’t get much more budget than that haha.

And yeah, that’s basically it!

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They most likely scale with equipment like the Arya Stealth, but it is good to know that they sound good with entry level and above. Some headphones take a lot of investment in the signal chain to get the most out of them. As for me I will most likely keep my Arya Stealth for now.

I would say that I am somewhat apposed to a headphone that is sibilant and dry sounding because they can quickly become fatiguing and piercing at times. I understand the Organic and Stealth to be brighter headphones but did you find either of them to become piercing or too fatiguing after a while? Do you find one of these to become less fatiguing then the other? And I understand that most people like these headphones for orchestral music, but would you say that they might be okay for things like pop? Or is the bass too lacking for a genre like that?

Bass on both is great but Arya organic bass is noticablly bigger.

Arya organic is less “dry” imo

That would make sense. So does that mean you find the stealth to sometimes become fatiguing over time? Or are neither really that fatiguing but the organic is just less dry when AB testing the two?