Thoughts on Wharfedale?

Currently on sale in my country: Wharfedale SW-12 ~325€ and SW-15 ~375€.
I don’t have a lot of experience with subwoofers , although these seem to be a decent option (SVS subs are just too expensive over here in EU). I can’t really seem to find anything great under 400€…

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The jamo C912 got a good review by erins audio corner $204. we like anything wharfedale on this side of the pond.

Going off the brand specs and ports. Good enough for me to buy a pair, wish they sold them on amazon.

Ill take 2 sets of those 15s :star_struck:.

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Jamo C912 is currently the same price as the Wharfedale SW-15 (over here). Do you think the SW-15 would be a better buy considering the prices?

Get the 15 if you can live with a sub that big. Be warned im a lunatic 50/50 music and movies. I would buy 4 of those.

The jamo is dirt cheap in the USA working out for me so far. But the packaging is piss poor the foam was crumbs in the box, dent on a corner of the cabinet. Also there is no standby power switch on the jamo. There is a power light on the front of the sub that turns red and blue, so assume its got a standby mode.

I would go with the wharfedale hands down. You get more sub for the same price.

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have 3 budget subs in my home theater. Dual 10s and a 12. Placed the 12 in the rear corner and i can detect output coming from that single sub. Running no bass management DSP other than the receiver.
Basically suggest running subs in matched pairs if you can.

I’m pretty sure I can live with it considering my room is around 70m2. Also, I wasn’t able to find anything else over here that could beat the SW-15 in the price range (especially 15") , so I just ordered it without second thought. Might share my experience with this sub since there’s not that much you can find about it on the internet except two reviews from the local store.

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My front room is about the same size and has the cheapest 2.1 system in the house but sounds great. The dedicated home theater is half the size with the most gear but the room got an echo.

The 15in sub should sound awesome in a decent size room like yours.

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