THX 887 Musical AMP/DAC Upgrade

Hi I’m looking to upgrade my THX 887 amp which is a great amp in its own right. I’m looking for a more musical/fun amp to pair with Beyerdynamic DT1990 and Senn HD6XX. I also have other headphones but those are the two I use the most. I listen to EDM/Metal/Industrial.

My current DAC is a Chord 2Qute. That FPGA sound coming through the THX 887 is quite nice I just want try to something different. I also want the AMP to have balance output and a Pre-amp switch so I can switch between listening to headphones and speakers easily.

Currently im considering:
Bitfrost 2 DAC
Jot 2 AMP
Singxer SA-1 AMP

Any recommendations for what I’m looking for?

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Are tubes in the picture also?
Regarding SS, Jot2 was what popped in my head before I finished reading.

I have a Feliks Elise tube amp. I want SS.

If the SA1 has a sale on 11.11

Just got my Jot2 very impressed with it especially for the music I listen to. I was worried the bass would be muddy/boomy but I really like it it’s nice and destinct.