THX Certification for Speakers

So I just bought the Monolith 10 Sub. Currently waiting for it to arrive, but I was Just browsing their Monolith line in general and noticed that they basically have a whole line of THX Certified Speakers/Subs and it got me wondering, what do y’all think of THX Certification for speakers?

For example, I know M0N somewhat famously (or infamously depending on who you are) is not a huge fan of THX amplification and digital/analog processing, but does that extend to speakers/subs as well? (Not trying to necessarily call out M0N specifically, they’re just a good example of this)

From what I can see, it seems like the THX cert for speakers and subs just means a fairly flat profile and low THD, which seem like good things, but as we all know, measurements don’t always tell the whole story.

So all that to say, what do y’all think? Is THX Cert an indicator of quality? Or is it just marketing hype?

To their qualifications, yes.

Somehow the feeling i have is this. It’s bit of both quality and marketing. Like with other products or services. You might take class, you pay and if you pass the test. You get a certification out of it. Might have to pay for it as well?
Or some products might have green certification, they make something with green intentions and maybe in car sales. Some vehicles might have the company’s maintenance or inspection certification. Always serviced here with maintenance qualified and certified people. Meaning the car is in good conditions to the company’s standards. Mint condition and so on.

Of course then they can charge extra for stuff being good enough.

So in speaker world. THX speakers produce sound so it’s in THX qualified and certified.
Movie like sound and volumes.
The speaker manufactures most like have to pay something, to get stuff tested. If they pass what is needed, they probably pay more to get the Certification.
So they might get better dollars in return or not.

It’s a sign for the public, majority that’s it’s good for home movie use. But also a cinema standard so it’s good enough for movie cinemas. Speakers, video and sound.
Don’t need test and listen, change etc. It’s THX and it’s more than enough.
“THX will sound as near as possible to the intentions of the mixing engineer.”
Kinda like Hi-Res Audio stickers so the products are mainly good.

So why everyone does not buy them?
Well because can get better or more precise sound and louder if needed.
Something other than THX certified.
Those others would most likely get THX certification in a heart beat but why would need the certification and pay for it when they know they produce better speakers already?
-Share tech ?
If the wiki is correct? They also might have to use THX Certified crossovers… so that thing probably ain’t what many like to do.

The logitech z5500 is thx certified, and its biggest and probably only strength is being loud, but with no midrange.

So if you’re looking for loud aggressive sound for gaming and movies… then maybe thx does mean something “quality”.

For music, in speakers, I would even see it as a bad sign.