Tiamat Titan II TWS Impressive!

First a little background. I’m a Custom Woodworker by trade. Saws, Planers, Nail Guns, Compressors, I’m around noise all day. I prefer Music to noise and really wanted something wireless. (Snags can be Dangerous around power tools.)
In the winter I use my Sony ANC headphones but in the summer they are just far too hot.

I’ve tried quite a few True Wireless Earbuds and found most to be lacking in Sound Quality and not nearly as loud as I would like when I’m in “Rock Out Get Work Done Mode!”
I decided to go searching again and found some uTube reviews of the Tiamat Titan II. Everyone seemed to be saying they sound really good and can get quite Loud. These were also Touch Control so no Jamming them into your ears trying to click stiff buttons. They also offered an Amazing 8hrs of battery life on the buds alone. I tend to take them out at lunch (30min) and place them in their case but Ive not had them get low on power yet. The case even has wireless charging so I just drop them on a pad when I get home.
I checked price and found them for around $54 on Amazon and figured that’s a really smoking deal if they come close to the hype. (I’ve spent more that 3 times that on a single Tube for my Darkvoice before so why not lol.)

Well guys I’ve got to say, I’m Impressed. These are not Audiophile Buds by any stretch of the imagination, but they are somewhat V shaped, Shockingly Punchy but never Muddy, Nice Sparkle on top without being to bright, and sound good with almost every kind of music. I can do Slipknot to Prodigy and these don’t break up at all, and they get surprisingly Loud for a True Wireless in-ear.

If you are looking for a low priced, on the go, work to workout, set of True Wireless In-Ears. Give these a shot. You won’t regret them.

Just wanted to share.