Time For Custom IEMs - Any Recos

So I’ve decided that I’m tired of dealing with tips. I hate them, I hate tip rolling to find which ones have the best sound and even if they offer the best sound, my ear canal often starts to itch after just a few minutes unless I use foam tips and I’m not a fan of the effect of foam tips on sound so…here I am with the decision to jump right in and get customs so I can do away with tips altogether.

Wondering if anyone has a recommendation. Keep in mind that my favourite IEMs are the Kinera Nan-Na 2.0 and would love to land a custom IEM with that type of sound signature.

What tips have you tried?

So far I’ve only personally had CIEMs from Jomo audio, but it was a very good experience and I love my little Hakas. Generally it is recommended to try out the universal version of a CIEM first before jumping straight into getting one (although I didnt myself :sweat_smile:).

What did you like about the Nanna? And what would you like to get out of a different IEM apart from comfort of course.

@McLovin , I’ve tried all of the tips included with the IEMs. I’ve also tried Dekonis, SpinFits and Complys and so far, the Complys are the most comfortable but there is a slight impact to sound.

@Kron I’ve come to love the tri-brid approach. IMO, can’t beat a DD for its solid bass performance, the estats do provide the right amount of “air” without making it sound like it is overbearing. The mids are a little bit recessed around the high mids and I love the warmth of the sound without the loss of detail. My music genres include everything from current Pop, Rock, Jazz, Classical…you mane it I likely listen to it.

I’ve looked at the A12T as an option but I think I would miss that DD sound if I went that route. I’ve not tried the U12Ts as they’re not available locally so I’d essentially have to buy them to test them out.

What sort of budget are you looking at? As the market seems to be getting quite saturated with that config just now :sweat_smile:

Also what sort of source gear are you running them on? As that can change some recommendations.

@Kron Fair question. I should have included that in my original post. My sources are typically FLAC files or Amazon HD and played either through my PC + Topping D30Pro and Topping A30Pro or I will use my Fiio M11 DAP.

As for budget, I think I would top out at around the $3k mark, max.

That is a pretty nice budget you have there, I may need to defer to people who have a bit more experience with higher end gear as I’ve only had experience up to the $1k range with my Graces.

I would’ve suggested the Jomo Trinities, but you may need to upgrade your source gear to match them. Although with that budget you might end up wanting to look at stuff that is higher end than even those.

3k is a pretty nice budget for sure, if you are looking for a custom tribrid, you might want to look at the FIR audio M5 as well as the aforementioned Jomo Trinity those are both pretty damn nice in universal models so i assume the customs would be equaly as good. with FIR you would also get there pressure relief system which is great for comfort as well the atom module tech to tweak the sound, very nice QOL technology.

Another tribrid in that range is the VE Elysium but it’s a little different from the other two configs as it is a BA for the lows and DD for the mids with dual EST tweeters for the highs. very unique set, probably some of the best mids out there. this is one i would probably try universal first to see if you like the sound.

all of these can be had for under 2k on the seconhand market for their uni models, not sure how much reshelling costs but might be the way to go to save money plus will give you the option to liosten before commiting to a custom. This also will allow you to funnel some of the leftover money for a DAP upgrade as well.

if you have any questions let me know, I’ve heard all three of these sets.


I’d say three tips you can look into are the Final E, Spiral Dots, or AZLA SednaEarfit XELASTEC tips. First two are my personal favorite and really comfy. The Azla are kind of weird taking in and out but not as bad as foam tips. They are really comfortable once you have them in your ear since it conforms to your ear.

Your budget is great to work with! I am not sure how possible it is to get the sound of the Nanna 2.0 even if there was a custom Nanna 2.0. So keep in mind, whatever IEM you choose, it will sound different than the Nanna 2.0 even if you hear the universal counter part. My impression from reading reviews of it are they are a really smooth sounding U-shaped sound signature while still being a bit engaging.

Best advice I can give you is to try and listen to the universal counter part first or a universal demo of the custom. For example, for 64 audio A12t, try and see if you can demo the A12t universal rather than the U12t. U12t sounds similar, but A12t does sound a bit different. This is coming from someone who has/had 3 customs and blind bought two of them. Even the one I didn’t blind buy, the custom sounded different than the universal. Audio shows like CanJam or RMAF are happening this fall so if you can wait, those would be great to attend to and will save you from having regrets on your investment on a custom.

Since I haven’t heard the Nanna 2.0 personally, hard for me to gauge on what IEMs can match its tuning. I have the Elysium universal and has the best mids I have ever heard on a headphone or IEM. It’s so good. I enjoyed it for modern pop for sure. It has an engaging tuning to it with great mid range timbre, but it’s a bit more of a specialized IEM. Can’t comment on how good it is with jazz or classical. BA bass may not be as good for rock. Can potentially pair alright with a neutral source like the M11, but really really shines with something like the Shanling M8 which is a warmer highly technical source. It’s a try before you buy kind of IEM, but if you really like it, you’ll love it. MusicTeck offers auditions so you can email them to see if you can try them out for a couple days assuming you live in the US.

I used to own the U12t. Has a really smooth and coherent all rounder signature. “Boring” in a great way. Kind of IEM with high amount of technicalities and the music disappears making it easy to do work in. APEX modules are really nice for long sessions. A12t takes the smooth signature and makes it a bit warmer. I imagine it’ll be a bit less musically engaging as the Nanna 2.0, but is great if you’re after an all rounder where you want to do work in or want the music to disappear in the background. Or want to relax. Z Reviews who raves about the Nanna 2.0 also raves about the U12t.

I haven’t heard the FiR M5, but based on reviews, that could be a great option for you as well.

Edit: Even though U12t has BA drivers for the low end, it has the best bass from BA drivers that I have heard. Not quite as good as some great dynamic drivers, but it is better than some dynamic drivers.


Thought I’d follow-up with this group. I’ve decided to go with the A12Ts. I listened to the U12Ts and found them really enjoyable and I know the A12T will be a bit warmer which should be nice. Expecting them in about 3 weeks.


Will be good to see how you find them

Received the custom A12Ts about a week ago and wanted to have enough time with them before replying.

Right off the bat I have to say that now that I have a custom pair, I’m not sure I could go back to universal. The comfort and convenience is amazing. I’m now on the lookout for a less expensive pair of customs that I can take on the go without worrying about damaging or losing a $2k pair.

In terms of how these are compared to my Nannas, I’d say that I don’t miss the DD or estats. The A12T’s all BA sound was a concern but they did these really well. Fantastic bass and I don’t hear any of that BA timbre.

I prefer them with the MX modules as I find using the default ones (I think M15 is default) makes them much too dark.

All in all I’m extremely happy with these and would recommend to anyone considering these!