Tin Audio T2- Balanced IEM?

Just received T2 and wondered if this IEM is set up to use a balanced cable. Im using the Fiio m11 as a DAP and would like to buy a 4.4 balanced cable for the T2 if it supports it?

Does anyone know if Dekoni sells replacement tips for the T2 or if anyone else sells tips that would work for this IEM since the stock tips don’t seem very durable? Thanks for your help

Well the T2’s do use MMCX so yes you can run them balanced. You just need to buy a cable. there should be a few custom cable sellers that will make it. Or you can make it yourself if you can solder.

The cheapest option is probably Aliexpress though.

You can find some options here on Aliexpress:

Just make sure the cable you get uses the FiiO output standard. Because they change which rings are ground and live.


Fiio sells balanced 4.4 and 2.5 MMCX cables
I got one for my T3 and T2 Pro
The Linsoul balanced MMCX cables are also quite good
Mee Audio sells MMCX balanced set with 2.5/3.5/4.4 adapters

there are tons of options for MMCX and 2 PIN


My T2’s have Dekoni’s 4.9 mm Mercury Bullets in size medium. Best tips I have tried on the T2’s including every OEM tip shipped in the T2 box.

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Is it the medium tip size that seems to work best? Im not completely sure if my ear size has an effect on this since the T2 is my first IEM. I can buy a set of three sizes but thats kind of a waste since I can get 3 sets of mediums for the same price if in fact mediums is the way to go. Does this sound right to you or should I get the three sizes to test my ear size? Thanks again

Finding IEM tips that fit well takes some a trail and error. What works best for your ears may take some experimenting. If you find a size fits you well, then you could certainly stock up on extras. But unless you are working out with IEMs or the tips are subjected to other austere environments, tips are like ear pads on headphones where they can last a while.

Do be advised that tips can vary in size, fit, and comfort between different manufacturers so medium size for one company may not be the same as another company. Also there are companies that have different lengths of tips that can be experimented with as well (Westone True-Fit tips come to mind).

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IMO you should definitely experiment with different tips sizes, in order to find the perfect fit. And I’m not talking only about comfort, but mostly perfect seal, which means perfect possible sound. It’s very possible that if you change the tips that fit you nicely, just for experimenting, you’ll go WOW what a sound…!!! you were missing… It happens all the time… until you get the point ! PEACE !

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They definitely fit, as all tips 4mm-5mm inner diameter. You better experiment with tips , because it’s mostly a matter of sound quality , not only cofort. Foam tips, although they provide good seal, are known to reduce low frequencies, that’s why I, for example, prefer silicone tips, as SpinFit, which “love” low frequencies :wink:


Last night I began to realize how good the silicon tips work in getting a seal. Wonder why Tin audio doesn’t sell these by the bag since they really fit all sizes and the sticky material stays in place. Do you know any tips for sale made out of this sticky material from other companies? Many have said they don’t last long so very soon I’m going to have to experiment with the silicon tips but they are such a pain to put on. Thanks for your reply

I own both and they are top. For spinfits you’ll need the cp100 model.

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You could also spent 2 minutes only, to take off the eartips and cover the little bassHoles (vents) , near the nozzles :wink:

A little late returning from vacation.
Tips, as already said above, are all about fit.
Two things about the multi-size Dekoni packs:
Finding the perfect size is a beautiful thing. It’s worth the extra expense.
You may find your perfect fit may require two different sizes. Again, worth it.

PS. Dekoni’s foam is way easier with the in-n-out than silicone. But choose what fits and sounds best to you and shop for replacements.